15 Useful Beauty Tips for Girls Who Love Swimming

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You might have heard people saying that if you love swimming then your skin and hair will be prone to damage. Chlorine content in water is harmful to your skin and hair and thus, your skin and hair will remain unhealthy while you are swimming. But, that’s not true. If you take care of your skin and hair then swimming is not going to harm you. So, have a look at some of the skin and hair care tips which will certainly help a swimmer 🙂


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1. Take a Pre-Swim Rinse:

Before getting into the swimming pool, go for a light shower. This will keep your skin hydrated and once you step into the swimming pool, the chlorine content in the water won’t affect your skin.


2. Wash your Hair Before Swimming:

You can wash your hair before you head to swim. This will remove the unnecessary product build up and dirt from your hair and thus your hair will remain clean and light, post swimming.

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3. Apply Coconut Oil on your Colored Hair:

Often, girls, have a fear of their colored hair turning green if they step into a chlorinated swimming pool. So, better use coconut oil before you get into the pool. This will act as a shield and prevent it from turning green.


4. Moisture Rich Conditioner:

Use a moisture rich conditioner before you step into the pool. This will make sure that your hair is thoroughly moisturised and will also seal the cuticles with your conditioner.


5. Invest in a Swim Cap:

If you are a fan of swimming then use a swim cap. The swim cap is used to keep your hair healthy and prevent it from getting all dry and lifeless.

6. Apply Sunscreen:

Before stepping into the pool, make sure that you apply sunscreen. This way your skin will stay protected and premature ageing could also be prevented.


7. Drink Lots of Water:

Swimming can cause serious dehydration to your skin and hair. Thus, keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

8. Wear a Lip Balm:

Dehydration can cause a crack in your lips. So, wear a hydrating lip balm which will have SPF and is water resistant too.


9. Use Body Lotions:

Use neutralising body lotions and face creams to nullify the effect of chlorine on your skin. And, since you are targeted to stay hydrated, using body lotions will serve the dual purpose.


10. Anti-Chafe:

Regular swimmers have seen that their skin chafe as a result of frequent swimming. So, use petroleum jelly on those areas so that the chafe can be reduced gradually.

11. Post Swimming:

Post getting out of the pool, immediately take bath in a fresh water. This will make sure that the chlorine content in water is removed from your body completely.

12. Use clarifying Shampoo:

In order to eliminate the chlorine build up in your hair by swimming make sure that you use a cleansing shampoo. This will clean your scalp and make them lighter and healthier.


13. Dry Out Completely:

After coming out of the pool, you have taken a shower and now it’s time to dry yourself completely. This will ensure that your skin is all dry after being wet for a long time.

14. Apply Talcum Powder:

Regular swimming can cause a peculiar smell in your body. So, make sure that you apply talcum powder especially at the inner portions of your body. This will keep you fresh for a long time.


15. Apply a Rich Night Time Moisturizer:

While swimming, your body is in maximum need of moisturization. So, make sure that you apply a right night cream and rich body lotion so that your skin remains soft and supple.


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