5 Lessons Every Girl Should Learn From Mr. Wrong

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These days there is so much of love all around; you get to see so many romantic couples. Well, every girl would have had a Mr. Wrong once in her life. That is not an issue at all. You would have been hurt, felt a lot of pain and frustration in moving ahead but the best part is that you are finally out of that phase. There are some things which have not been good for us in life but we get to learn so much from that one wrong thing. Bad experiences are also important in life. Today I am telling the 5 most important lessons that you should learn from Mr. Wrong.

falling out of love

• Priorities:

Making your relationship the number one priority in life always ends up badly. You should always preserve your sense of individuality and prioritize the things that are important to you and not just your man. Don’t ever do this mistake of putting your friends and family on the back burner because ultimately, they’re the things that will help you survive the bad time. Your family should be your first priority, then your good friends and him.

• Loosing your own self:

loosing self

The most important relationship you have in life is the one with yourself. If you give up too much of who you are, for your man then he’s going to take everything you have. This is the worst you would have ever done to yourself. Leaving your friends, family and every one aside for that one man is totally crap. Also, after the relationship ends you are left with no one and just a little self-identity. Doesn’t matter how possessive your man is about you, ask him not to change you. Love yourself the most.

• Never settle down for a wrong person:

This could be the #1 lesson you could learn from Mr. Wrong. Do not ever settle down for a person for whom you have a feeling that he’s not right for you. Always trust your instinct in case of a man. Once you come out of that bad relationship you would find someone so much better and exceptional. That would be the time when you realize that there is always something better waiting for you in life. You just need a little courage to let go.

• Judging him with monetary terms:


Although money is an important judgmental factor but always judging a relationship in money terms like how much do you earn and how much does he is very bad. This way you will never be able to settle down for one good person. If you have this habit, then immediately stop. And if your man is doing so then you need to simply let him move out of your life.

• Do not let him put you down or disrespect you:

A wrong man in your life will definitely give you the courage to speak up for yourself and to not let anyone put you down. If he is disrespecting you or insulting then he is never worth your time. Kick him out of your life as soon as you can. Never let anyone in life disrespect you because no one has this right. No number of gestures can compensate that bad behavior of disrespect and mistreating. He has done it once, he will do it again. That’s the only pattern.

There are many things that you can always learn from the wrong people in your life but these five are the most important and usually these are easily understood after moving far away from a wrong person. Love yourself the most girls. Be you. 

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