6 Health and Beauty Benefits of Soy Milk

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Hope you all are doing well. I am enjoying my holidays in India these days. Since I’m on my vacation, I have quit working and have become lazy. All I do is eat, sleep and look after my baby. I have put on so much weight as I have been eating mithais made by mommy. So, today I will be putting light on the benefits of soy milk for our skin, hair and weight loss.

6 Health and Beauty Benefits of Soy Milk2

Read on to know the benefits of soy milk (unsweetened, of course).

1. Anti-ageing Properties:

Soy milk has anti-ageing properties and this is why the market is loaded with creams and lotions containing soy extracts. I mix soy milk and egg white and leave it on my skin for about 15 minutes. This is the best anti wrinkle mask in my opinion. My skin actually feels tight and firm after using this mask.

6 Health and Beauty Benefits of Soy Milk5

2. Prevents Dry Patches on Skin:

Soy milk is said to have hydrating properties which help in treating the dry and dull skin. It moisturises and deeply hydrates the skin leaving it soft, smooth and supple. I clean my face by wiping my face with a cotton pad dipped in soy milk every night before going to bed and I get a soft and fresh skin the next morning.

6 Health and Beauty Benefits of Soy Milk4

3. For Split Ends:

Soy milk is rich in proteins. Consuming soy milk on its own is a wonderful way to treat split ends. A balanced diet is very important to keep your hair and skin healthy. I was told by my hair stylist to consume a glass full of soy milk daily. It has been 7 months now that I have been consuming soy milk twice a day and I have noticed a massive change in my skin and hair.

6 Health and Beauty Benefits of Soy Milk3

4. Helps in Weight Loss:

Soy milk is highly beneficial for losing those extra pounds. It is rich in fibre and is sure to satiate your craving for a longer time. Don’t forget to include them in your diet.

6 Health and Beauty Benefits of Soy Milk

5. Contains Vegetable Protein and No Lactose:

Soy milk contains vegetable proteins that help in reducing the risk of osteoporosis. So, consuming soy milk on an everyday basis is highly beneficial and the best part is, it has no side effects.

6. Contains Calcium Riboflavin and Vitamin B12:

Soy milk contains riboflavin that protects our DNA from damage. It is a good source of vitamin B12. My midwife told me to consume 2 glasses of soy milk when I was pregnant and I had a deficiency of vitamin B12. Soy milk boosts our calcium levels which also prevents the risk of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women.

6 Health and Beauty Benefits of Soy Milk1

Above are some health and beauty benefits of soy milk. It’s an excellent way to keep yourself fit and healthy. It’s a good option for vegans or for people who simply do not like the taste of dairy products. One plus point is that it can be stored for a longer time when compared to cow’s milk.

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