6 Things You Must Know if You’re Getting Braces

Hi my sweet peas,
It’s my third month in braces. I got bottom braces last week and right now what I’m experiencing isn’t something I had read during my research (before getting braces). So many unexpected things happened during these three months which I feel I must share with all of you, in case you’re thinking about getting braces. Please keep reading to unlock the mystery of braces. Mind it, a beautiful smile isn’t that easy to achieve!
6 Things You Must Know if You're Getting Braces

1. The archwire related facts

Your orthodontist gave you a date on which you are supposed to see him/her again, which is mostly after 30-40 days (after your first appointment). He/she will check your progress and may or may not tighten your archwire. Tightening basically means changing the wire which is a bit shorter than previous one (which means more pressure on your teeth). I was called twice and my archwire wasn’t changed. It was frustrating to know that there is no pressure on my teeth (I wasn’t feeling anything) and I have this useless metal in my mouth which isn’t doing anything. But then, my orthodontist explained that excessive pressure could ruin my teeth and it’s a very slow process. So, I need to be patient.

2. Bottom braces hurt more

I got them last week and it hurts like hell. Getting upper ones was fun and I didn’t really feel any discomfort in initial days. But, these bottom ones are nasty! They gave me sores inside my lower lip and cheeks too. The pressure is there but soreness and pain are more. My teeth feel very sensitive and I am on painkillers finally. I didn’t take any painkillers when I got upper braces. I can’t speak properly, I lisp and my words get lost in my mouth. It’s difficult to work like that as I have to talk a lot in my office.

3. Lots of dead skin on lips

lip exfoliation
Every morning, I need to exfoliate my lips because there is a lot of dead skin on my lips. May be because when I sleep, braces don’t let me close my mouth as I would normally do. So, the inside of my mouth gets very dry. I am exfoliating my lips almost everyday with a DIY coffee, sugar and olive oil lip scrub to save them from looking parched and ugly.

4. Surviving on lip balm

I have stocked up on all Maybelline Baby Lips variant because only lip balms feel comfortable on my lips with braces. Everything else is feathering and gets blotchy. Lip balms hydrate, moisturize and give me a nice natural stain. I am happy with that but I so miss my matte lipsticks. I do cheat sometimes by using lip balm as a base, blotting it then applying my lipstick.

5. You will need a water flosser

It’s so easy to clean your teeth with a water flosser than regular cleaning methods. It’s comfortable and I feel funny while using it. If you won’t clean your teeth thoroughly, you can get a hell lot of diseases like gingivitis, decalcification (an irreversible loss of tooth enamel), and nasty breath. Invest in a nice water flosser if you have braces, you will not regret.

6. You can’t ever sleep with your face into the pillow

woman sleeping posture
Till the time you’re metal mouthed, you won’t be able to sleep like that. I love hiding my face in my fluffy pillow while sleeping (I look like a tired frog while sleeping my Maa says, LOL), but with braces I can’t do that. Brackets will poke the insides of your mouth if you put even the slightest of pressure while sleeping like that. You will mostly feel comfy sleeping straight. I couldn’t even sleep taking sides because brackets and bands were poking my cheeks real bad.

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2 thoughts on “6 Things You Must Know if You’re Getting Braces

  1. Don’t worry Anshu, you will get used to all of this! I’ve work braces for 6 years (yes, you read that right) and it was really hard at times. But mostly, I was comfortable after a couple months, though #3 was always a problem for me. I had a lot of issues with braces poking into my inner lip, but dental wax will help. Ask your doc for a box of it and use it on whichever bracket pokes you. Keep it with you at all times, it’ll be a saviour! And don’t worry, that lisp will go away soon enough. I took off my permanent braces a the beginning of this year and now wear upper retainers and an inner lower brace. Oddly enough, I miss wearing braces! I feel I looked better with them on or maybe I just haven’t seen only my teeth in a long, long time!:D

    1. Hats off , 6 years is a lonnnngggg period.
      I hope you are happy with the results you got. Thank you sooooo much for your comment. It really feels good to know that someone has felt the same as I am doing now. I would like to ask how u did you keep up with the progress ? I mean sometimes i feel the result is not going to be what I want. I kind of smile I am expecting, how do I make sure me and the orthodontist are on the same page ?

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