7 Alternate Uses of Makeup Products

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What’s happening with all of you? I recently picked up few gym clothes and bought gym shoes. I am all geared up to look my best this Diwali. I also read a few detoxing drinks at IMBB, they are helping me a lot. Also the tips on what make up to wear for gym at IMBB was so helpful. Well today’s post is on, the multipurpose use of Makeup case and products. Let’s head on.

7 Alternate Uses of Makeup Products 4

I am sure all of you must have come across instances when you have either bought a wrong shade of product and don’t know what to do, or have just finished a product but don’t feel like throwing its casing due to its packaging or size. Here are few tips and tricks which might help you with some of such scenarios.

1) Alternative for Eye shadow Base:

7 Alternate Uses of Makeup Products (2)

Beauties with oily eyelids do not have to worry or search for eye shadow bases to keep their make ups intact. Apply a generous quote of baby powder on the eye lids and then apply eye shadow or eyeliner, your eye makeup will remain perfect without fading for more than 5 to 6 hours easily.

2) Eyebrow Brush:

7 Alternate Uses of Makeup Products 5

Before you toss an empty or dried out mascara tube with wand, try cleaning the wand with soap and Luke warm water and use the same for brushing your eyebrows.

3) Best Toner:

7 Alternate Uses of Makeup Products 5

Have more than half bottle full of toner and realize that it is already expired, use it to clean your make up mirrors or glasses. Not only the mirror will be clean, it will smell good too.

4) Expired kajal for root touch up:
Going for an important event and realize that there is no time to color the hair roots. All the lipstick style kajal can be used for touching up grey hairs temporarily.

5) Eyeliner brush for nail art:

7 Alternate Uses of Makeup Products (2)

Don’t throw away empty liquid eyeliner bottles. Their brush can be cleaned and used as nail art brushes due to their thin precision.

6) Travel cases:

7 Alternate Uses of Makeup Products 7

Creams or make up products that come in small tub shaped bottles can be saved and used for travel purposes. This will help reduce the weight and also the discomfort of carrying large sized make up or skin care or toiletry products.

7) Foundation tips:

7 Alternate Uses of Makeup Products

Bought a wrong shade of Foundation that is too light or dark for your face. Try using it to cover blemishes on your legs or hands when wearing short clothes and look flawless..

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