7 Benefits of Volcanic Ash Clay for the Skin

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Today, I would be talking about the benefits of volcanic ash clay for the skin. With numerous products in the market, Volcanic ash clay is one of them and hence, we decided to put up the benefits of ash clay on the skin. These days, there are several products available in the market which contains volcanic ash clay as its main ingredient. Volcanic ash clay is a common active ingredient found in face creams, face gels, scrubs, and lotions. This grey color clay is basically a combination of all the natural ingredients found on earth that are highly beneficial for our skin. Volcanic ash clay is also known as sodium bentonite clay and is obtained when the volcanic ash is mixed with water.

7 Benefits of Volcanic Ash Clay for the Skin5

So, if you have a doubt on this highly popular ingredient used in face creams, here we mention you some of the benefits of it.

1. To Prevent Acne:

Volcanic Ash Clay is extremely beneficial for your skin as it helps to prevent pimples and acne. It helps to absorb the excessive oil on your face and prevent over-drying of the skin. Volcanic Ash Clay found in the face creams helps in keeping your skin hydrated and moisturised for a longer period of time.

7 Benefits of Volcanic Ash Clay for the Skin1

2. Helps to Treat Large Sized Pores:

Volcanic Ash Clay is also found in scrubs as it helps in preventing clogging of pores. Volcanic Ash Clay helps to treat open pores on the skin and shrinks the large sized pores on the skin. Volcanic Ash Clay helps to keep the dirt and dust away from the skin thus, preventing clogging of pores. It reduces the risk of blackheads and breakouts on the skin.

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7 Benefits of Volcanic Ash Clay for the Skin

3. It Suits all Types of Skin:

The best quality of this clay is, it suits all types of skin and can be used by anyone. Volcanic Ash Clay is great to be used on dry and oily skin and also pampers the acne-prone skin. People with combination skin also found Volcanic Ash Clay useful on their skin as it helps to balance the level of hydration on the skin.

4. Prevents Ageing of Skin:

Volcanic Ash Clay contains essential active enzymes which help to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and ageing signs on the face. Volcanic Ash Clay is mostly used on anti-aging products as it prevents the occurrence of early ageing signs on the face. So, if you have age spots, make sure you pick up the cream with Volcanic Ash Clay extract in it.

7 Benefits of Volcanic Ash Clay for the Skin2

5. Works as an Exfoliator:

Volcanic Ash Clay works as an excellent exfoliator which helps to remove toxins and dust from the skin thus, giving you a healthy and glowing skin. Volcanic Ash Clay exfoliates your skin well and helps to revive your dull and dry skin. Using Volcanic Ash Clay based scrub or mask can help to rejuvenate your skin.

6. Helps in Cleansing Skin:

Volcanic Ash Clay is an excellent ingredient which helps to cleanse your skin thoroughly. This clay is extremely gentle on the skin and helps to deep cleanse the skin. It helps to pull out the toxins from the body and helps to improve the texture of the skin.

7 Benefits of Volcanic Ash Clay for the Skin4

7. Restores Elasticity:

As we said, Volcanic Ash Clay is an excellent anti-ageing ingredient; it is also used to restore the elasticity on the skin. Due to the presence of a lot of active enzymes and minerals found in Volcanic Ash Clay, it boosts the blood circulation in the skin thus, providing a glowing skin. Using Volcanic Ash Clay mask or cream can help to restore the elasticity of the skin.

7 Benefits of Volcanic Ash Clay for the Skin3

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