8 Natural Supplements for Weight Loss

Hello, lovely ladies! “You’ve lost weight”, “You look slim”, “Have you been working out?”, “Your skin is glowing” are a few sentences which have the capability to make you happy! These days, everybody wants to lose weight quickly. The problem arises only when they start to rely on synthetic supplements. There are a lot of natural supplements which help in decreasing the fat absorption, thereby preventing obesity. When you prefer all naturally derived skincare or makeup products for yourself, why not use natural supplements for attaining that inner glow too?

8 Natural Supplements for Weight Loss1

So, Read on to know them.

Just a brief introduction of what excess fat can do to our bodies: Excess body fat always has a high risk of developing hypertension(high blood pressure), Diabetes (high sugar levels), Heart diseases, Hip and Back problems, Gut Problems and can affect your skin. Let’s have a more scientific approach and opt for foods that are high in protein content as they will satiate your cravings for a longer duration. So, if you’re into a weight loss regime, make sure to include these foods in your diet.

1. Mushrooms:

Yes, you read it right. Some variety of mushrooms such as the shiitake have Beta-glucans which help in controlling glucose levels in the body. Although Beta-Glucans in mushrooms has no effect on glucose absorption, it is found that it suppresses appetite, lowers cholesterol and fights immunity.

8 Natural Supplements for Weight Loss3

2. Barley and Oats:

These are by far the richest source of Beta-glucans and are known to reduce weight to a great extent. The Beta-glucans found in oats and barley do help in slowing the sugar absorption from our gut.

3. Cow Milk:

It contains whey protein (source of essential amino acids) which does not reduce weight but does help in improving the body composition. If used with a modified diet and exercise regime, it helps in burning fat. Milk from grass fed cows also contains “conjugated linoleic acid” or CLA which helps in body fat reduction.

8 Natural Supplements for Weight Loss4

4. Foods Rich in Vitamin D:

Studies have shown that people who have adequate levels of Vitamin D in their bodies lose weight at a faster rate than those who don’t. Include Tuna, Salmon, Soy milk/Tofu in your diet as they are a rich source of Vitamin D.

5. Foods Rich in Vitamin B Complex:

Vitamin B Complex helps in boosting up the metabolism and thus, helps in shedding weight easily. Foods rich in Vitamin B Complex are Legumes, Green vegetables, Cottage cheese and Bananas.

8 Natural Supplements for Weight Loss5

6. Guavas:

Guavas have more roughage and fibre. It is the second richest source of vitamin C and has a great taste. Don’t go for ripe ones as they contain a high amount of sugar. Also, avoid adding salt on the top as they may undo the good effects of guava and also increase your blood pressure.

7. Egg Whites:

Obtained from boiled eggs, these are 100% easily digestible albumin protein. It is a readily available, cheap, easy to cook and palatable option for filling your tummy. This too follows the basic principle of filling your tummy with lots of protein and less of fats thereby, causing a feeling of fullness.

8 Natural Supplements for Weight Loss

8. Soya Nuggets:

Soya nuggets are easily available in our kitchens and are an effective alternative to fresh vegetables. Interestingly, they can also help to reduce weight by the virtue of their composition. 50-60% of the dry weight of the nugget is protein and the remaining is fibre. You can make yourself a palatable dish out of the nuggets with minimal oil as it helps in effective weight loss!

8 Natural Supplements for Weight Loss2

So, apart from consuming Honey, Lemon, Green Tea, Quinoa, Water, Coffee etc, include these foods in your diet too. To those who sincerely want to lose weight, I want to re-emphasize that without a reduction in calorie intake or increased calorie consumption with a negative balance will not help in weight loss. Period! You all should know the calorie value of the common Indian snacks and foods so as to keep a tab on how much calories to consume on a daily basis. For example, jogging at a brisk pace for 5 Kilometres burns 450 Kilo Calories which is equal to consuming 2 large samosas with cola and chutney. So, “look before you eat”.

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