8 Naturally Derived Ingredients that can Actually Lighten Your Skin Tone

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First things first, when I mention skin lightening, this solely refers to the improvement in the discoloration of skin caused due to acne, blemishes, dark spots or other skin disorders. Now, coming to the topic, we have a huge variety of skin lightening products in the market in the form of day cream, night cream, serum, essence and cleanser. If you are confused which one to buy from this huge variety, then this article will help you get through. In this article, I will be focussing on ingredients that actually lighten your skin. Hence, you must always look out for these ingredients in your beauty products or treatments. Read further to know more.

Kojic acid

Kojic acid is made from various fungi, mainly mushrooms. Kojic acid is one of the key ingredients in the products or treatments that are meant for skin lightening. Topical use of Kojic acid stops the production of melanin in your skin. And we all know that melanin is responsible for pigmented skin. Unlike other treatments, kojic acid is very safe for the skin and makes it healthy. It is available raw as well as pre-mixed in topical treatments that are meant for skin lightening. However, you should always consult an expert before using such products.

Liquorice extracts

Liquorice extract has its place in Ayurveda for ages. It is known to treat many skin disorders without any harmful effects on the skin. It does wonders to the skin when used for treating pigmentation as it is one of the best known beauty ingredients. It has an active ingredient, glabridin, which reduces the production of melanin in the skin and improves discoloration. Topical use of liquorice helps in fading away all the tanning, hyperpigmentation, dark spots etc. and protects from sun damage as well. Other than this, it is very effective in treating acne, too.

White mulberry extracts

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The white mulberry extracts help in inhibiting the tyrosinase enzyme and aid in improving the discolouration. These extracts are derived from roots and leaves of the plant. It is now widely used in skin care products that are meant for skin lightening and brightening. It treats all type of discolouration effectively and is safe as well. Apart from this, white mulberry extracts also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Niacinamide, commonly known as Vitamin B3, is among those vitamins that yield a number of benefits for the skin. It works effectively in treating pigmented skin as it inhibits the tyrosinase enzyme that is responsible for the production of melanin in the skin. Topical use of products with vitamin B3 helps in retaining the skin moisture and makes it plump. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

L-ascorbic acid

L-ascorbic acid is commonly known as vitamin C. We all know that vitamin C helps in skin lightening by the bleaching method. There are many beauty products having vitamin C as their key ingredients, be it cleanser, toner, serum, peel, facial masks etc. Vitamin C inhibits the tyrosinase enzyme. Apart from this, vitamin C also acts as antioxidants that neutralise free radicals from the skin.

Alpha arbutin

Alpha arbutin is naturally derived from the bearberry extracts and considered as an alternative to hydroquinone. On the other hand, it can be synthesised artificially, too. Like hydroquinone, alpha arbutin also inhibits the tyrosinase enzyme that helps in melanin production. Bearberry extracts are derived from the bearberry leaves. Topical use of alpha Arbutin also protects from sun damage, preventing premature ageing and tanning. It effectively treats freckles, sun spots, hyperpigmentation or any other kind of skin discolouration.

Giga white

Giga white, formulated with seven alpine plants, is widely used as an alternative to hydroquinone. It is a patented ingredient that is used in the skin lightening products. It is very effective in treating pigmented skin. Like hydroquinone, Giga white also inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase that is responsible for the production of melanin. It is very safe with minimal to no irritation on the skin.

Emblica extracts

It is derived from Indian gooseberry which is used in Ayurveda to treat various skin ailments. Emblica extracts, known for anti-oxidants property and vitamin C content, protects the skin from sun damage and treats pigmentation. Topical use of emblica extracts suppresses the production of melanin in the skin, fading away the discolouration of the skin.

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