8 Overall Benefits of Cypress Essential Oil

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Essential oils work wonders not only for our skin but also to improve the overall health of the body. In today’s post, I will enlighten you about one such essential oil and that is cypress essential oil! Let’s find out more about it!

8 Overall Benefits of Cypress Essential Oil

What is cypress oil?
Cypress oil is derived from the steam distillation of the branches of the tree. It has fresh, masculine, evergreen and woody aroma and is used for variety of purposes and has various health benefits as well.


1. Reduces cellulite
Cypress essential oil keeps things moving which means it boosts the circulation of blood, removes toxins and helps prevent fluid retention in the body. Use this oil with some carrier oil and massage onto the skin areas with maximum cellulite twice a day to notice the difference.

2. Is a natural deodorant
homemade deo
This essential oil has antibacterial properties which prevent bacterial growth and body odour. It has a clean, woody smell which is really fresh and lifts up the mood of a person in no time. So if you are tired of using store-bought chemical-laden deodorants, then you can easily go for this oil to make your own homemade deodorants.

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3. Relieves pain
Cypress essential oil is an analgesic which means it has a pain relieving effect on the body. You can dilute this oil with any carrier oil and use it to massage your body to relieve from period cramps, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, and muscle and joint pain.

4. Has anti-aging benefits
Cypress essential oil is one of the most powerful natural astringents. It shrinks the skin pores and makes the skin taut. You can add it to your toner to enjoy its anti aging benefits. It will lift your skin and will give it a lovely glow.
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7. Treats oily skin
Cypress oil can also be used to treat oily skin as it helps to remove excess sebum from the skin. As the amount of sebum gets reduced, you get fewer breakouts and you have cleaner pores.

5. Treats wounds
Cypress essential oil is used as an ingredient in various antiseptic lotions and creams because of its camphene content. It has various anti-bacterial properties and can treat both external and internal wounds, and also prevent infections.

6. Is a diuretic
The word means that this essential oil increases both the frequency and the volume of urination which helps to relieve toxic elements from your kidneys and that also aids in weight loss.

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8. Improves liver health
Cypress essential oil is a boon for maintaining the overall health of liver in our body. The oil regulates the amount of bile that is produced from the liver and it also helps to protect the liver from various diseases.

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