Khadi Pure and Natural Essential Olive Oil



Khadi Pure and Natural Essential Olive Oil

Hello People!

How are you all? We have all heard how olive oil is great for skin and hair blah-diddity-blah. When I had finally heard enough about how great it is for curls (I love my springy curly locks), I decided to move my lazy behind and invest in a bottle.  So, today, I’ll be reviewing Pure and Natural Essential Olive Oil from Khadi. So anyway, now I blab. 😀

Khadi Pure and Natural Essential Olive Oil

Product Description:

A viscous oil of dark greenish colour good for dehydrated or irritated skin.  It is rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins plus essential fatty acids. It prevents and treats the stretch marks or scars as a natural sunscreen agent.


Rs. 126 for 100 ml.

Olive oil

My Experience with Khadi Pure and Natural Essential Olive Oil:

Again, this is a product from my online shopping frenzy. 😛 Why, oh why Meerut, why do you have no good places to shop?  So anyway, getting back to the olive oil. It comes in a cute, handy, transparent plastic bottle with a slightly loose flip top (which, by the way, is not safe for travelling, as I learned the hard way).  The oil has a very pale yellow-green colour and is very very thick. The smell is also a little weird. It doesn’t exactly smell like olives. :/ *weird*

Khadi olive oil

I love how I can use this one tiny bottle for so many things! I use it to remove makeup (just make sure you wash with water, to avoid breakouts), to condition my hair, for cracked feet, for moisturising the skin, for deep conditioning, for many sugar-based body or lip scrub (amazing!). Such a multi-tasker this product is!


Pros of Khadi Pure and Natural Essential Olive Oil:

  • Great moisturizing capability.
  • Small bottle that lasts long.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Doesn’t break me out.
  • Can be put to use in different ways.
  • Gentle, no harmful chemicals.

Cons of Khadi Pure and Natural Essential Olive Oil:

  • Weird smell.
  • Flip cap isn’t exactly travel friendly.
  • Definitely not for people with oily skin.

IMBB Rating:

4.5/5.  This, you all should have in your beauty kit!

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19 thoughts on “Khadi Pure and Natural Essential Olive Oil

  1. Tanaya, I like Khadi products too and I will try to get it, but olive oil at only Rs. 126 is surprising since olive oil is costly

      1. Actually, there was a very interesting article by Vir Sanghavi a couple of months ago about how the olive oil sold in many countries (including India) is not really authentic olive oil. It’s just adulterated oil coming from North Africa. Hence the low price. Admittedly, he was talking about olive oil in the context of cooking but I believe it may be the case for cosmetically sold olive oil too. I don’t think that this oil is pure at all.

  2. tanya u may go for figaro olive oil… it’s edible quality product, smells fine n availabl at nearby medical store at 94 rs for 100ml 🙂 once i cooked bread poha in that n tht too ws good.. he he he

  3. tanya u may go for figaro olive oil… it’s edible quality product, smells fine n availabl at nearby medical store at 94 rs for 100ml 🙂 once i cooked bread poha in that n tht too ws good.. he he he

  4. I m a fan of khadi soaps… But u may want to buy olive oil which is stored in dark bottles coz if this oil is exposed to light it gradually loses its wonderful properties…

  5. Nice review, Tanaya. I have seen this one in many Khadi outlets but never ventured to buy it. Somehow, the smell of many so-called olive oils being sold in the markets never satisfies me. They all seem terribly fake. If I am paying for a magic oil, I want it to stink my whole body/head up, and not smell mild. That’s the mark of effective olive oil, isn’t it? 😛

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