8 Quick Fixes to Hide Your Roots at Home

By Dhrishti Kumar

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Today I am back with an article on, ‘how to hide your roots between hair-dye sessions’.


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1. Throw on a Statement Headband:

Throw on a huge hairband or a colorful bandana this spring season if you want to make a statement and dazzle everyone with your appearance. Also, accessories like large funky headbands and bandanas are really helpful in taking away the attention from your roots and they let people focus on the pretty you! You can stock your wardrobe with accessories like bandanas, huge headbands, hairbands and some quirky scarfs if you are forgetful.


2. Use Some Mascara For a Quick Fix:

If you have the luck to find the right color, you can actually use an old mascara to conceal and touch-up your roots. I was mesmerised when I heard about this hair hack because it really works wonders in a matter of few minutes. To be honest, this sounds too good to be true. So next time, you have to attend an important office meeting but, you are not feeling confident because of some grey strands here and there, don’t be disheartened and flick some mascara here and there.

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3. Dry shampoo Can Save the Day!

Spray or dab some dry shampoo on your hair roots and gently comb with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. Always, apply dry shampoo in 3-4 sections and make sure to target and conceal the most oil prone areas. This trick will work because greasy hairs catch more attention and also make the grey strands shine much more. Using dry shampoo will give an immediate bounce to your hair and give a diffused look at the roots which will take away attention from all the grey hair.


4. Do a Side Parting!

Take a small teasing comb and start at your hair roots, then carve out a deep side part on a curve. Separate your hair and comb from back to front. Put on a quirky hair-clip for added beauty and a polished side-swept look without making your parting look harsh.

5. Do a Zig Zag Hair Parting:

Take a rat-tail comb and create a beautiful zig-zag parting in your hair. The best part about this kind of partings is that it does not have to be perfect! Uneven lines look much prettier and the messier it is, the better it is.


6. Crimp your Roots at Hair:

Use a lower heat setting on your crimping wand and crimp your roots. It is recommended to work in smaller sections for the added detailing and additional volume and oomph effect! Give your crimper two light squeezes that don’t press all the way down. This trick will create a lot of volume and texture which hide the contrasting tones in your hair and give them a pretty diffused look.

7. Add Some Texture and Volume to Your Hair:

Take out your favourite curling tongs and play with your hairs. Do some angel curls or loose beachy waves. The ultimate goal is to add some texture to the hair strands so that they look quirky and voluminous. We recommend that you always curl in one direction, either from in towards out or outwards to inwards.


8. Back Comb Your Roots:

This is the quickest and less damaging way of adding volume to your roots. Take a teasing comb and tease your hair lightly at the roots. You can even make a pouf if you like and you are ready to go! Though, avoid teasing your hairs a lot if they are very fine and/or thin.
That’s all for today girlies. Hope you find this post useful 

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