8 Sneaky Ways to Treat Sagging Skin after Delivering a Baby

Hi my lovely ladies,

How have you all been doing? Motherhood is a beautiful journey and it involves a big change in our lives. However one of the significant changes is the way your body changes. But you shouldn’t worry about it because your body was designed for this beautiful process. However, it never hurts to get some extra help to be able to fit into those crop tops again. Therefore today we will talk about some sneaky tips and tricks that can help you get rid of the sagging skin post-delivery.

Almond and coconut oil massage

Almond and coconut oil can be a secret to great hair as well as great skin. It is one of the most effective ways to get a smooth, tight, sagging-free skin in weeks. Armed with a host of properties, these oils will nourish your skin, making it plump, soft and supple. Therefore use a mixture of these oils to massage on your belly for five to ten minutes every day.

Drink lots of water

Water will be your elixir when it comes to getting rid of the sagging skin and tightening it. Water not only provides the essential amount of hydration to keep you going, it acts like a moisturiser from the insides, making your skin more elastic. Water flushes out toxins and helps you burn more calories. Therefore, increase your water intake to treat that sagging skin.

Start following a cardio routine

Sagging skin is essentially an extra layer of fatty skin that your body does not need. Therefore a holistic process of eliminating it should be targeted towards getting rid of the fat first by burning calories. And nothing burns as much calories as cardiovascular activities. Therefore, post-delivery start incorporating brisk walking, running or other cardiovascular activities as per your doctor’s advice.

Incorporate strength training

Once you start developing an exercise routine with cardio, it is essential to strength train to tighten the sagging skin. Use free weights or your body weight and slowly work your way into a toned body.

Use vitamin creams

Vitamin creams can be used to treat sagging skin as well. Creams armed with vitamin A, E or K can help tighten loose skin. There are creams specially made for this issue. Don’t forget to moisturise and massage with the cream to improve blood circulation as well as the elasticity of your skin.

Use skin tightening packs

Homemade skin tightening packs can help you win your war against loose skin. Try using a pack at least thrice a week to see results. Make a pack by mixing three egg whites and applying it on the affected areas. Egg whites have skin tightening properties which can help in shrinking and tightening the skin.

Exfoliation is the key

Exfoliation is the key to sag-free, tight and smooth skin. Remember to exfoliate the dead and dry skin daily from your belly and other affected areas when you take a shower. It will improve blood circulation and give you a new, smooth and elastic skin.

Collagen should be your go-to mantra

Collagen is the most vital component that brings about skin’s elasticity as well as helps us tighten and firm your skin. Collagen is present in lean protein, therefore, make sure that you consume lots of it to build lean muscle mass and tighten your skin. Collagen creams often work wonders, too.

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