8 Reasons Behind Dry, Red and Flaky Skin and How to Cure it

By Drishti Kumar

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This article will address the issues of dry, red and flaky skin, what causes it in the first place and how you can cure it. Stay tuned for an informative article, girlies!

8 Reasons Behind Dry, Red and Flaky Skin and How to Cure it

Hot Showers

Spending hours in hot shower or soaking in a bathtub which is way too hot can be relaxing for the mind and soul after long working hours in the office but is not really a boon for your skin.
Solution- Even if you love spending a couple of hours dancing to your favorite numbers in the bathroom, set the temperature of water to lukewarm instead of hot.

Cold Weather

woman in snow

Whenever the temperature hits 0 degrees, the humidity level in the atmosphere starts going down too. This kind of weather and cold winds can suck up the moisture from our skin’s outermost layer, leaving it dry and vulnerable to scales.
Solution- If you live on high altitudes and it is mostly cold there, consider getting a humidifier installed in your home. Create a protective barrier of luscious body creams and balms every time you leave your home and your life will be sorted.

Oil-Stripping Cleansers

Seriously ladies, it’s high time we stopped picking up our soaps and shower gels from The Body Shop and Sephora aisles just by sniffing the fragrance. Pay a little attention to the ingredients list and choose the bar or liquid which is mild and fragrance-free for daily use.
Solution- Use a mild and fragrance-free soap for daily use so that it does not strip off your body’s natural oils. Keep those fancy shower gels for special nights when you feel like having some me-time.

Too Much Exfoliation

Scrubbing is a good way to get rid of old and dead skin cells but if you think that regular scrubbing can make you more ‘clean’ then it’s time you changed your notions of cleanliness. Generally, friction strips the skin and makes it more vulnerable to dryness and irritation.
Solution- Instead of using a scrub with sugar granules or harsh walnut grains, use a soft washcloth which will also get the work done with lesser damage to your skin.

Lack of Moisture

body oil for moisturised skin

Our skin gets automatically hydrated when we take a shower, but we often end up toweling it way too much.
Solution- Do not towel away too harshly and apply moisturizer or a body oil to partially damp skin the moment you step out of bathtub/shower. Again, we recommend using a rich and fragrance-free body lotion for daily use.

Aging Process

As our hormones change from childhood to puberty to adulthood to old age, our skin changes too and loses the elasticity that it once used to have.
Solution- Start using a rich night cream the moment you enter your twenties and then introduce an effective anti-ageing cream in your beauty regimen the moment you reach your mid-twenties or early thirties. That can vary from person to person and to what extent the skin is exposed to pollution and sun every day.


Irritants can include in something as dangerous as pure acid and as harmless as a georgette blouse that you love teaming up with your formal pencil skirt for office meetings. Even alcohol-based perfumes can be notorious for some people.
Solution- Wear clothes made of soft breathable fabrics and check out the ingredient list whenever you get a skin care product.

Underlying Health Conditions

woman skin check up

Sometimes, your skin may start deteriorating because of poor diet, diabetes or under-active thyroid glands. It’s always good to see a doctor and get a regular check-up done before the matter worsens.
Solution- Introduce lots of fresh fruits and veggies in your diet and go for regular medical check-ups.

Hope you guys found this useful.

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