8 Tips to Help You Save Your Makeup from Melting Off

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How do you feel when you apply your precious makeup and break your arms while blending to achieve a flawless look but it melts off as soon as you step outside? Yes, it turns the mood off and makes you look gross at the same time. You spend all that time concealing your blemishes, evening out your skin tone, perfecting your makeup but it melts in no time. Here are some tips which will save your makeup from melting off.

8 Tips to Help You Save Your Makeup from Melting Off

1. Exfoliate Your Skin
Deep cleanse the skin using a mudpack or charcoal clay mask. It will exfoliate the skin really well making it free of clogged pores, dirt and excessive oil. This will clean the skin from deep within and create a flawless and smooth base for make up.

using ice cube
2. Use Ice Before Makeup
Rub ice cubes on your face before applying make up. It instantly mattifies the skin and calms it by giving the cooling effect. It closes up pores and creates a supersmooth surface for applying makeup. In this way, your makeup will last long and you can step outside with confidence.

3. Prep with a Primer
The first layer as a primer helps your makeup stick for long and nulls out the chance of melting. It makes an amazing base for the other layers to come. With so many products in the market, there is an easy availability of some amazing primers from Chanel, Benefit, MAC, Inglot, etc.

4. Use Waterproof Products
Who loves those panda eyes? No one! So definitely use waterproof formulas as they really help the makeup to stick. Avoid watery consistency liquid eyeliners as they are more prone to melting.

beauty blender
5. Settle the Foundation Flawlessly
Use Beauty blender or sponges and settle the foundation deeply so that it doesn’t appear cakey or powdery. Blending is the key. If it’s the topmost layer it is bound to melt down. Set it with translucent powder for a more long-lasting and matte finish.

6. Seal with a Makeup Fixing Spray
Once you are done with everything, use a setting spray. Your makeup is sealed and also it gives you a dewy look. Your makeup is far away from melting by this simple quick tip to be followed at the end of makeup.

blotting paper
7. Befriend Blotting Papers
These work like magic. When the oil on your face starts shining through after some time, carefully blot your T-zone and oil producing areas. Blotting papers easily slide into your bag and make you look fresh at the same time.

8. Learn to Layer
Layering up makeup products really helps. Applying a lipliner on your lips and then your favourite lip color, using a primer before applying eyeshadow, foundation followed by a translucent powder, and many such layering tips increase the longevity of your makeup.

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