9 Beauty Products That Took the Internet by Storm in 2016

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We beauty enthusiasts rely a lot on recommendations from friends, colleagues, bloggers and vloggers for some of the best innovations around. It’s more likely that you were introduced to these cult favourites from another fellow beauty lover who tried and just fell in love. It is no hidden truth that for a product to rise to stardom, it has to apply flawlessly, deliver serious results and work universally. The best way to assure that the product is a hit is often determined after hearing from a trusted first-person source. And just there, comes the role of digital media.


Keep scrolling to see the 9 most outstanding beauty products from 2016!

1. Rainbow Highlighter:

What resulted from this year’s highlighting craze? A rainbow version, of course. We should thank Bitter Lace Beauty as these colorful handmade highlighters became a reality in 2016.The brand also launched some luxurious Halloween-themed highlighters, which are equally fascinating. Their prism-rainbow highlighter is currently out of stock but, they will be brought back in stock sooner.


2. Farsali Rose Gold Elixir:

If you stalk beauty bloggers in Instagram, this product is surely not new to you. In the last year, anyone who uploaded a makeup tutorial started using a primer, moisturiser and the gold-flecked oil. Moreover, beauty bloggers showed us the way to mix the oil with contour palettes, foundations and even eye shadow powders for a flawless finish. Immediately, after the rose gold elixir became extremely popular, Farsali announced the release of an antioxidant serum, Unicorn Tears which are also becoming very popular.


3. Glossier products:

Glossier is one of the remarkable beauty brands that are regularly making it to the top charts. Their contemporary, competent formulas along with the state-of-art packaging make the brand a favourite among many makeup enthusiasts. In 2016, the release of Generation G Lipstick, the Haloscope Highlighter, three super serums and a Black-Tie Holiday Set from the brand surely made some real good news for Glossier devotees.


4. Bubble Masks:

Korean beauty lovers rejoice! So many of Korean beauty products and rituals have made it big in 2016. This bubble clay mask from the Korean brand was certainly a hit among many beauty lovers. It actually gave a feeling like any other clay mask but, starts to bubble and foam after a few minutes, post application. The carbonation draws out impurities and blemishes.


5. Kylie Lip Kit:

Do we even need to mention how immensely popular Kylie’s lip kits are? Everybody from celebrities to beauty bloggers and makeup enthusiasts was seen wearing this. We saw the release of a bold black lipstick from their range. The announcement of a black shade- ‘The Dead of Knight’ raised a lot of eyebrows and raised questions about the shade getting accepted. But soon after its release, it became immensely popular and selfies of women wearing the shade adorned the internet. A twin shade- ‘KyMajesty’ which is more of a greyish black was released along with the black shade and it did not stay behind in popularity as well.


6. KyShadow:

No, the lip kits are not the only hits from Kylie’s cosmetics range. Kylie Jenner’s name became ubiquitous in 2016 after she announced an expansion of her cosmetics line. Her KyShadow, specifically, caused quite a rage on the internet. We absolutely love how the shades from the palette are so pretty and universally flattering.


7. Pat McGrath Highlighter:

In 2016, Pac McGrath was officially dubbed, “the most influential makeup artist in the world,” by Anna Wintour, and her makeup kits drove the internet wild. Her products got sold out, or should we say wiped out, soon after the release. One of the most popular kits from the range is the Skin fetish 003 which contains a pearlescent pigment, a highlighting brush and a dual-ended cream formula.


8. Laura Mercier’s Setting Powder:

This silky, perfectly sheer setting powder is famous everywhere. YouTube makeup tutorials? Check. Instagram beauty bloggers? Check. Creating a flawless finish on faces everywhere? Yes, check. Without any doubt, this setting powder achieved a verified cult status in 2016.


9. Harry Potter Wand Brushes:

2016 witnessed the release of not just the eight-story from the Harry Potter series but, also some fabulous Harry Potter makeup brushes by Storybook Cosmetics. Both went on to become the bestsellers. These brushes were completely sold out before they were even released. They were certainly a trending product and was featured on almost every beauty publication. Though they are currently out of stock, Storybook cosmetics has promised a full pre-sale run sooner. So keep an eye out!


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