9 Reasons Your Foundation Turns Orange on Your Skin

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Applying foundation flawlessly in itself is a very hard task. Once you accomplish that you have one more challenge ahead; stopping the foundation from turning orange. But, this effort is almost useless once you are done with your foundation. The efforts should begin right from your CTM (cleansing, toning and moisturizing). Let’s dig in the causes and some solutions for that “my skin but better” foundation look.
orange foundation

1. Use a non-drying cleanser:

Some face washes just rip off the natural oils off your skin leaving your skin super dry and stretchy. In order to make up for this dryness, your skin produces even more oil. This sebum is one of the causes your foundation is oxidizing on your face. Make sure your face wash or cleanser is ‘cleaning your skin’ and not drying it up to create problems for your base makeup.

2. Tone well:

applying toner
The best toner ever is natural rose water. Fill it in a spray bottle and spritz it all over your face generously. If you are using a specific toner for some specific quality like blackhead control, acne woes etc you may want to skip it or use a different one to see if that is turning your foundation orange; because there are some chemicals which act as catalysts in the oxidizing process of the foundation.

3. Moisturizing the right way:

appy primer
Some moisturizers are responsible for the foundation turning orange. The SPF in them can create an orange cast due to the presence of titanium in it. Some moisturizers hydrate less and give greasiness more. This also acts as a contributing factor to your issues with your foundation.

4. Use an oil blocking primer:

To stop those oils from messing with your foundation, use a primer that blocks oils. Pore-filling primers are nice oil blockers.

5. Don’t layer up very quickly:

Always wait for things to set; be it your toner, moisturizer or your primer. Apply one thing and wait for at least 10 minutes so that your skin soaks it up. Your foundation may be turning orange because you are painting your skin with the amount of product which is much more than your skin can tolerate.

6. Don’t smear your foundation:

If you have a habit of rubbing your foundation on your face like a moisturizer, this is not helping you. This will activate oil glands because this is similar to massaging your skin to increase blood circulation. Again, these oils getting mixed with your foundation will cause that “orange face”.

7. Get samples before you buy:

foundation sample
Some foundations are just not meant for your skin. You won’t know it until you try them on your face. So, you must get samples and try it a bit on your forehead and on your cheeks (that’s where we get oily) to see if it is oxidizing.

8. You might have left the bottle exposed:

open liquid foundation bottle
If you forget to close the pump, put on the cap or just left your foundation in direct sunlight, it is highly possible your foundation will turn orange on you. Keep your foundations away from sunlight and their caps intact.

9. Pin Point Concealing:

Do not layer up foundation, let one layer dry and then use a nicely pigmented concealer to get rid of those flaws. Just use the tiniest amount of it to conceal that acne scar, redness or blemish. Avoid layering up and you might see some improvement.

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  1. I am glad u ladies liked the post.
    And Amrutaa SA do tell to pick up a lighter shade foundation because they know that this particular range is going to oxidize on skin. Especially in India’s climate , most foundations oxidize. I don’t understand why haven’t they formulated an oxidization resistant formula 🙁 !!!
    Whats the point to find an exact shade match and then buying a shade lighter because it will oxidize and god knows the intensity and orange-ness oxidization.

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