Lush Roots Hair Treatment Review

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Whenever I find my hair bidding me adieu, I make a mental promise that I would take better care of it. Driven by the guilt factor of putting my hair through hair colors and heat treatment, I picked up Lush Roots Hair Treatment. Usually I do not have the patience enough to idle around with a hair mask on my head. But Lush’s Roots is labeled as hair treatment, so I was ready for the challenge. And with its name as “Roots,” it immediately struck the right chord.

Lush Roots Hair Treatment


The hair treatment comes in a 100% recycled black plastic tub.  It has a creamy consistency but is very lightweight. It spreads very easily while applying on the scalp and hair.  The hair treatment has an off-white color to it. It has a prominent minty fragrance as it contains peppermint oil and spearmint oil. The presence of sweet orange oil and grapefruit oil adds a mild sweet floral fragrance to it as well.


$19.95 for 7.9oz (225 gm).

Product Description:

Lush Roots Hair Treatment


Lush Roots Hair Treatment

My Experience with Lush Roots Hair Treatment:

My hair is very dry and fine, so the fact that this hair treatment is especially designed for revitalizing thin and fine hair (or thine hair – as Lush calls it) was an answer to my prayers.

I take one scoop of the hair treatment and massage all over my hair roots for 5 minutes. I immediately feel a tingling and cooling sensation all over my scalp due to the mint infusion and minty oils. The fresh fragrance of mint just engulfs all over my hair. The entire process is very invigorating and relaxing. It feels that all my stress fades away, well though only for short period of time.

Lush Roots Hair Treatment

After massaging my scalp, I take one more scoop of the hair treatment and run it all over my shoulder length hair. Since my scalp tingles a lot during the application, I am hoping that it has a stimulating effect on hair growth. After an hour, I rinse out the hair treatment.

It is very easy to rinse off the hair treatment as plain water washes off almost all of it entirely. After that, I just need one shampoo wash to clean my hair.  The first time I had used the hair treatment, I did not apply conditioner after my hair wash. After my hair was completely dry, there were lesser tangles and my hair felt more manageable. However, my hair did not feel soft and it felt the need of a conditioner. The minty fragrance did not linger in hair after the shampoo.

The next time after using the hair treatment and shampooing my hair, I used conditioner. This time my hair responded in a much better way as it felt softer.  So, the conclusion is that the hair treatment helps in lesser tangles and fly-aways but does allow me to skip conditioner completely. Though it contains olive oil and honey for hydration, it did not provide enough moisturization for my dry hair.

Lush Roots Hair Treatment

As it contains mint infusions and oils, it provides intense cooling sensation. So, I think it would be more suitable for me during the severe summers. I would not prefer it during winters or during late evenings as it might give me headache. I also think this hair treatment would be immensely beneficial for scalp itchiness or dandruff.

Though the hair treatment is made of fresh handmade products, it has some ingredients which make me very sad. Not only it contains parabens, it also contains alcohol and sodium lauryl sulfate. Hence it felt as if I ultimately ended up applying further harmful products on my hair, which I was trying to save my hair from. For now, I have resorted to use this hair treatment to once in every two weeks.

Pros of Lush Roots Hair Treatment:

  • Specifically targeted towards thin and fine hair or as Lush puts it – “thine” hair.
  • On applying to scalp, it provides a cooling sensation owing to the presence of fresh mint infusions with pepper mint oil and spearmint oil.
  • Provides a very invigorating and relaxing effect on scalp.
  • Could help in stimulating hair growth as it causes mild tingling effect during application on scalp (though I have not observed any benefit on the same).
  • Makes dry hair more manageable with lesser tangles and frizziness.
  • More suitable for application during summers.
  • Fragrance is minty and mildly floral.
  • Packaging is done in 100% recycled plastic tub.
  • Could be helpful for reducing scalp itchiness or dandruff.

Cons of Lush Roots Hair Treatment:

  • Though it contains olive oil and honey, I did not find hydration effects on dry hair.
  • It did not replace the need of conditioner for dry hair.
  • Pricey as the amount in tub would not be sufficient for use on lengthier hair.
  • Not suitable for people who catch cold easily as the hair treatment provides a lot of cooling effect on the scalp.
  • Contains parabens, alcohol and sodium lauryl sulfate.
  • The hair treatment has to be massaged and then spread on hair, so requires some effort instead of just applying on hair.

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Would I Repurchase Lush Roots Hair Treatment?

I might buy this product again, but only during summers. Usually I like Lush products, but I am not the biggest fan of this one. I was not very happy with the artificial contents present. Also, though it helped in making my hair manageable it did not entirely help in improving my hair texture.

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  1. Thanks for sharing!! I so want a product for my thinning hair..I might give it a try..hope it works for me!! Also Lush products are so more expensive here in Japan compared to India:(((

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