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Raksha Singh:

Hi Girls,

Its been nearly 15-16 months that I have had a haircut. I am just going for split ends removal. I am having hair fall problem, does trimming help in increasing hair growth ?? Please do help me?

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8 thoughts on “Does Trimming Help with Increased Hair Growth: Ask IMBB

  1. Trimming does not help in hair growth but it keeps split ends at bay making your hair healthy and damage free. For hair growth oil your hair atleast twice a week and wash with a good shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type, drink loads of water and have fresh fruits and veggies. Include lots of Palak, Paneer and Almonds in your diet to promote hair growth.

  2. it does not help growth but only keeps hair healthy.
    Although growth is positively influenced by Oil massage, intake of Iron, Zinc, Vitamin A & Vitamin c

  3. Trimming cuts split ends and help avoid your hair from getting damaged. I mean once they split, the split goes up, damaging the rest of the hair shaft. Plus splits makes hair look frizzy . So trimming may not increase hair growth rate per se but certainly keeps hair looking healthy and prevents further damage

  4. hair grows from roots not from tips… not like a plant….and hair is dead.. no cells to rely message to roots that hair is being trimmed 😛
    so trimming will not help in hair growth unless you have very damaged hair ends that gets tangled every time u brush and as a result breaks off… best to cut off damaged hair but you can manage it a bit by serum if the split ends are not so severe… also u could “hunt and snip” only the split ends… if you want to retain length…
    it is not related to hair fall issue.. that is completely different..

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