Adidas Women Fun Sensation Eau De Toilette Review

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Hello sweeties,

I did a big-time haul recently, and got 2 fragrances to try! I have been a fan of the Adidas deodorants because they are amazing for daily use and stay on pretty long. I had picked 2 good looking perfumes from Adidas with an expectation that if, the deodorant lasts this long, the perfume would last even longer. Read more to know whether it did or not!

Adidas Women Fun Sensation Eau De Toilette

Rs 599 for 50 ml

Product Description:
A tall and sleek bottle for graceful feminity and easy handling. The name of the fragrance is colourful and boldly printed on the glass for a touch of modernity. A trendy and colourful bright coral pack with a flashy blue and green in a bold design for character and fun. Fun sensation is for a girl, who is looking for fun and a splash of sensation. Outgoing and spontaneous, she enjoys experiencing things on the spur of the moment.

Adidas Women Fun Sensation Eau De Toilette 2

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My Experience with Adidas Women Fun Sensation Eau De Toilette:

I have been really into Adidas fragrances since long! Most of the VS and BBW scents are super sweet and when, I need a break, I switch to such fresh perfumes. I picked up the fun sensations variant because the packaging really had that fun and bubbly quotient.

Adidas Women Fun Sensation Eau De Toilette 3

It comes in a coral and white box which looks super cute and fresh. It also has the fonts in green and blue, which adds a lot of spice to the packaging. The bottle of the EDT is long and sleek. It has a transparent, yet a coral hint to it. The cap and the nozzle comes in a bright coral shade, which makes it a complete good looking package.

The bottle is not that big, hence this can definitely be carried around. The quantity, I felt was low for the price because a lot of quantity is required to be sprayed at once. This will not last long.

Adidas Women Fun Sensation Eau De Toilette 4

Coming to the fragrance, it opens up with a fruity fragrance with a spicy hint. It smells of strong pink pepper and berries. The smell is extremely crisp and fresh. It feels like a bright summer day. The sillage is experienced for around the initial 15-20 minutes and then it settles down to a musky scent.

The pink pepper adds a powdery touch to the musky fragrance. After a while, you can start smelling the floral hints as well. It mostly smelled of rose that is the only scent, I could recognize. I think this is a very nice floral cum fruity fragrance. It smells super fun, refreshing, flirty and girly at the same time.

Adidas Women Fun Sensation Eau De Toilette 5

But, coming to the worst part, it does not stay more than 1 hour. Although, I can smell slight hints, I cannot smell the fragrance completely. Hence, fragrance wise, I would give it full marks but for staying power, I think it could do much better!

Adidas Women Fun Sensation Eau De Toilette 6

Pros of Adidas Women Fun Sensation Eau De Toilette:

  • Super fresh and colourful packaging in coral, paired up with a few more vibrant colours.
  • Bottle looks cute and has a sleek shape so very travel-friendly.
  • Fragrance is really fresh and consists of a spicy-musky mix with pink pepper and berries in dominance.
  • A perfect combo of fruit and floral blend.
  • Scent stays on the clothes prevents the sweat smell.
  • Many variants available and each one has an amazing and a unique fragrance

Cons of Adidas Women Fun Sensation Eau De Toilette:

  • Staying power is just as low as 1 hour.
  • Quantity is pretty low and will get used up in a few days.
  • The deodorants have a longer staying power.

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Adidas Women Fun Sensation Eau De Toilette?

Although, I am very much in love with the packaging and the awesome fragrance, I would not recommend this for a matter of fact that the staying power is not that great. The deodorants stay longer than this one. But, without any doubt, I am using it every-day.


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8 thoughts on “Adidas Women Fun Sensation Eau De Toilette Review

  1. Yaayyy an another new addition but only 3 for fun sensation ? :/ 🙁 but I think I will still end up picking it cause I also need a break 😉 🙂 Good review Saloni and I am happy for your two new fragrances 😀 Enjoy

    1. I knowwwww Ramaaaaa… these cuties are super refreshing.. 3 just because it did not stay 🙁 then what is the point for adding such an amazing smell? hehe yes surely sniff all and pick the one you like.. thanks a lot sweetie 🙂

    1. It a slight hint of roses that it gives.. actually precisely many wouldn’t even come to know.. yooo I liked it a lot 🙂

    1. Hehehehe mariyam no calculations.. I just pick up everything that I like and I get attracted towards the gorgeous packaging easily 🙂 thanks a lot for that compliment 🙂

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