8 Ways To Use Aloe Vera Gel For Pimples and Scars

These days, we all have those little tubes, jars and tubs of aloe vera gel at home and if not that, we do have that little plant which we consider our skin’s best friend. Many women complain that using curd/yogurt makes their skin oily and cause breakouts, lemon irritates the skin, multani mitti might dry out the skin, but aloe vera gel is something that is good for every skin type. So, I am going to show you some easy peasy ways to use aloe vera gel to treat pimples and nasty scars that it leaves behind. Scroll down ☺ to read more details:

1. Aloe vera gel ice cubes: This is one of the best ways to use aloe vera gel for skin. Pour some aloe vera gel into an ice tray, refrigerate it, and rub one aloe vera ice cube on the skin daily to get rid of acne-causing bacteria. Also, it will not only work on pimples, but massaging ice cubes would help you get rid of stubborn, unwanted scars.

2. Green tea and aloe vera toner: For this DIY, you need put two green tea bags in hot water, into a cup, and let it drain. Remove the green tea bags and add now mix aloe vera gel into it. Mix till you get a good consistency and now add some water good enough to fill the toner bottle. Spritz every morning and evening or apply with a cotton pad gently, and you would see pimples and acne fading away.

3. Tea tree and aloe vera spot treatment: Tea tea tree can be a bit too strong to be applied directly on the entire face; however, you can use it this way – take a small bottle, mix aloe vera gel, vitamin E and tea tree oil, and shake everything well. Now, with a ear-bud, apply the concoction on to pimples and its scars (affected area).


4. Sugar lemon aloe scrub: We surely want to treat pimples and their scars, but what if this recipe could offer your bright and clear skin as well. Slice half a lemon, pour some aloe vera gel on lemon and pour some sugar on it. Now, scrub the lemon directly on your face in circular motion for 10 minutes, keep it for 5 minutes and wash it off. Do this everyday until the pimples and scars go away.

5. Aloe vera night cream: If you are someone who does not like to use night creams with chemicals, this is the one for you. Mix aloe vera gel, vitamin E capsule, little almond oil and you can also add orange and tea tree oil that would induce a faster process to fade scars and pimples too. Apply it every night and you will notice a difference.


6. Facial mist spray: Take a cup of water, put mint (pudina) and orange peel in it and boil for 30 minutes. Now, let it cool down, strain the mixture, and add aloe vera gel and some rose water. Let the mixture cool down for a day. From the next day, you can spray it on your face whenever you feel your skin looks dull and tired. It will add freshness and also it will keep treating the scar.

7. Aloe vera and lemon mix: Aloe vera and lemon juice when mixed together works as a great remedy for pimples and scars. It will fade the scars very quickly, but make sure you apply it with a cotton pad and not your fingers or you may spread the bacteria even more.


8. Aloe and turmeric face pack: One pack that will not only treat your pimples and the scars but also give you much-needed glow and brightness instantly. Mix aloe vera gel, a pinch of turmeric and curd and apply it on to the skin for 20 minutes on the face. Wash it off by scrubbing it in circular motion.

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