15 Amazing Hairstyling Ideas to Upgrade Boring Hair

When I was young, I had really horrible hair. I couldn’t just go out with bed head; they required to be tamed at all times. But things looked better as I was growing up. Still I had short hair. So now when my hair finally started growing well, I decided it was time to experiment with hairstyles. I started trying all sorts of hairstyles. I started maintaining my hair. Few years back, I didn’t know how to make a simple braid and now I can braid my hair even during my college lectures! So let me share some of the hairstyles that are not boring:

1. Top knot

top knot
Frankly speaking, this is my go-to hairstyle, but it is so damn chic that I can’t get enough of it. Plus it keeps all the hair away from my face and lets me focus. To add something new to your top knot, tease the hair from the front before making it into a knot.

2. French it up!

french braid
Learn the French braid. Once you learn it, you can make unlimited French braids anywhere and everywhere on your head. You can try a simple French braid or combine bang braid and French braid. Continue this on both sides and tie a knot at the bottom.

3. Braided knot

braid bun
I can’t do this hairstyle well on my hair yet (layered haircut) but I’ve done it multiple times on my friend who’s got gorgeous hair. Tie your hair in a high ponytail and braid it. Now secure the braid with a hair tie and tie the braid into a bun. Use bobby pins to secure the bun. Use a hairspray to finish it off.

4. Hair twists

hair twists
I’ve started doing this recently as my bangs have grown out. Take a section of hair on each side and twist it taking it to the back and securing it with a bobby pin. Keep the rest of your in front or at the back.

5. Scarf updo

Scarf Tied Updo
This looks so sexy for a beach trip. Tie a scarf on your head and start tucking your hair from the sides. Continue this till the end and you have a great hairstyle.

6. Fishtail braid

fishtail braid
Well, fishtail, it’s purely love! 😀 You can mix it up with French braid or leave it messy.

7. Half updo

half up hair
Take half of your hair from the top and tie it in a small ponytail or a bun. It’s such a chic hairstyle. Before tying, tease the hair at the edges.

8. Braid bands

dutch hair hairband
I’ve been trying this from ages but I can never do it correctly. I love them and there will come a day when I can make these beautifully. There are various types: French braid band, fishtail braid band.

9. Rock the bed head

bed head hair
This is the simplest hairstyle I’ve ever come across. Just tie a top knot and go to sleep. In the morning undo the knot and run your fingers through them. Add a texturizing spray if you like and there you go.

10. Chic ponytail

Since you’ve included so many different hairstyles in your regular routine, even a simple ponytail will be an all-new look. Tease the hair from the front to add a twist. You can also twist your hair on either side of your parting and tie in a ponytail, low or high.

11. Change your parting

Sometimes changing the parting can create a completely different look. For this, during your haircut you’ll need to specify that you like to change your partings. I’m not really for middle partings but it looks really good with braids.

12. Get ’em highlighted

hair highlights
I’ve had black hair almost all my life and I was bored. I don’t like global hair color as it increases the chances of grey hair, so I highlighted them. There are just so many ways to highlight them and it completely changes your overall look.

13. Bobby pin it

bobby pins
Tease your hair from the front and pin it back. You can either use bobby pins of your hair color or style it up with fancy bobby pins.

14. Slick hair

straight hair
I’m not a fan of slick hair but it looks really great on almost everyone. So grab your straightener and your hair mousse and straighten it up.

15. Loose braids

loose braid
It’s a fun hairstyle and it hardly takes two minutes. Start from the top with a bang braid and continue it as a normal braid and secure it at the end. I first saw it in Friends, Season 6, Episode 1 on Monica and I absolutely loved it. She looked so adorable.

So these are a few hairstyles which can take you away from your regulars. Do share some of your favorite hairstyles.

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