Amazing Reasons To Include Charcoal In Beauty Products

What are we talking about? Charcoal, which is light and black residue of carbon and ashes? Yes, I’m talking about the same charcoal. The uses of charcoal is nothing new, we all have been familiar with the different uses of it. It is used for treating poison by chemicals, drugs and snake bites. Charcoal was also used in World War I by the soldiers as a gas mask to prevent them from poisoning. Slowly charcoal has taken up the beauty counters and has raised its own importance and standard. When I’m speaking about the uses of charcoal, it does not mean you rub those black ashes on your face. Let me tell you the some amazing reasons why charcoal are been used to make beauty products.

Amazing Reasons To Include Charcoal In Makeup Products

1. Clean and Clear Skin

Amazing Reasons To Include Charcoal In Makeup Products Clear Skin

Charcoal has 200-300 times better capacity to control sweat and oil on the face. It helps to remove dirt, which is usually built up deep inside the skin. Charcoal is also used as the main ingredient in many face wash and creams available in the market. When the dirt and oil comes in contact with charcoal it gets easily washed away with it.

2. Reduces Premature Ageing

Amazing Reasons To Include Charcoal In Makeup Products Anti ageing

Many of us are looking for instant glow, especially girls in their late twenties start showing signs of pre-mature ageing on their skin. If you are looking for a natural alternative, then charcoal is the best one. Charcoal is an anti-ageing ingredient and is widely used in making of creams which are used by ladies who are 30 plus. It also reduces the wrinkles and fine lines on your face.

3. Reduces the Size of Pores

Amazing Reasons To Include Charcoal In Makeup Products

Pores have no age bar, but it becomes a part of your life in your early 30’s. This is the time you can easily spot open pores near your cheeks and noses. Gradually, the sizes of the pores are increased and it becomes a breeding ground of many other impurities. Clogged pores can be a bad signal for your skin. Charcoal removes the dirt and closes your pores well. It also helps to decrease the pore size, so that your skin breaths healthily.

4. Teeth Whitening

Amazing Reasons To Include Charcoal In Makeup Products Teeth Whitening

Activated charcoal or charcoal is also used in the making of toothpaste. Though it is black in its own colour, it has a powerful ability to clean the dirt on your teeth and also takes care about the oral hygiene. Charcoal helps in getting a good breath.

5. Reduces the Blemishes

Amazing Reasons To Include Charcoal In Makeup Products Activated Carbon

You can simply add activated charcoal or charcoal with Aloe Vera, yogurt and turmeric and blend them in a thick paste. Apply this face mask on your face; it will result in reduction of blemishes. You can repeat the procedure for a month to see the expected results.

6. Natural Exfoliator

Amazing Reasons To Include Charcoal In Makeup Products Exfoliator

Charcoal when mixed with little crystals of sugar or any other natural exfoliator, helps to remove the dead cells from the body, giving you a clear complexion. As I mentioned before, it has ability, 200-300 times more, to control oil. It is a good ingredient for people with oily skin.

The reasons mentioned above can also be taken up as few reasons to include activated charcoal in the cosmetic products. Activated carbon is also known activated charcoal. To get activated charcoal, heat any normal charcoal to increase its size and become porous.

Hope you found my post useful.

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