Pro 96 Full Color Eyeshadow Palette – Fashion Eyeshadow

Pro 96 Full Color Eyeshadow Palette – Fashion Eyeshadow

Pro 96 Full Color Eyeshadow Palette Fashion EyeShadow

It was my birthday a few days back and I had in my thoughts from the very beginning that I would like to give myself an eyeshadow color palette as birthday present:present: I feel very dicey doing online shopping :chewnails, well, I took the chance and did it (with my brother’s credit card, not mine):bash:

Total Cost (including shipping):


They dispatched my order in 33 hours, that’s a wow.

Pro 96 Fashion Eyeshadows

This is the image which the website gave me when they dispatched the order: :puchhi:


Sorry, couldn’t wait to bring in the camera and click the picture before opening the package.  It came in a good condition.  It does not have its own box, so it was taped in between these two white thermocols.

Shimmer palette

I received my parcel after 19 days from the time that it was dispatched.  In the meantime, I was so worried whether I would receive it or not. My brother used to scold me everyday that it was a fake website and would say that I was looted. I started messaging them from 30th itself telling them that I hadn’t received the package yet and blah, blah, blah (I am very impatient!!!!) and every time, they used to reply back asking me to keep patience as it was an international delivery and that it could take time, but silly me, I continued harassing them every day.  😐 When I received my package, I was really happy: teddy:

This is it 😛

Eyeshadow palette

eyeshadow matte

Shimmer eyeshadows

Matte eyeshadows

A closer look

pro 96


closer look

closer look 2




Some are matte shades and some are shimmer ones. So, I cannot actually tell you what kind of exact shades they are.  It looks good.  Now, let’s get to analyze its quality: :specs:

What Features Does the Website Claim: 😛

  • Brand new in retail package.
  • Wonderful 96 full color palettes eye shadow sets prefer for party makeup/casual makeup/wedding makeup, etc.
  • A very pigmented and vibrant, palette includes matte and shimmer eye shadows, easy to match your look!
  • Rich and leading-the-trend colors, includes 6 new and innovative colors -“mix-and-match” palettes!
  • With a 2-layer easy-to-carry design, palettes are divided into 2 layers, more convenient to use!
  • High-quality ingredients with silky shine color, can last for all day long!
  • No dye and will not form an annoying eye shadow mark!
  • Glossy color and nourish ingredients together to care eye skin around!
  • Perfect for both professional Salon and Home use!
  • Feel light and soft; easily create clear and brilliant eye makeup finish.
  • Portable and convenient to use.

Well, I do agree with all the points the website says. Each one of the colors is vivacious and dazzling at the same time, it can be worn all through the day, both daytime and nighttime, and I am very happy with it.

Now, comes the surprise part.  My dear boyfriend knew that I had been eyeing this thing since a very long time, but was a little cautions to shop online.  To add to my surprise, my boyfriend got in touch with one of my friend’s and ordered the Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette for me on my birthday.  I was so so so happy that I can’t express. I was literally shouting while opening the gift, love him:puchhi: yay.


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35 thoughts on “Pro 96 Full Color Eyeshadow Palette – Fashion Eyeshadow

  1. This looks so gorgeous palette Sugandha!! :)) EVen I was planning to order this first…but from Amazon, shipping to India wasn’t possible…you got a great deal..and thats so thoughtful of your bf to get you coastal scents palette!! :clap:

      1. ohh great…and you got it…too good..I ordered some stuff long time back from them..but never received my order….finally I raised a paypal dispute and they refunded the money back!! :))

        Enjoy your goodies dear!! :pucchi:

  2. that last pic with all the fingers grouped 😆 :struggle:
    i have some bh cosmetics palettes
    me super happy with them

    thnks for sharing sugandha!

  3. I am going mad now. :chewnails Dheere dheere meri dimaag is evaporating. :turtle:
    I really need to go shopping soon. :waiting:

    This looks so awesome! :woot: :woot: Lucky you,Sugi! :teddy: budday was lucky na. :dumb:
    Enzoi yor palette. :puchhi: And :thanks: for the review! :teddy:

      1. I’m trying…magar kaam nahi ban raha. 😐 Just today I went to a new u and my eyes were desperately trying to scan the whole place within the five minute time limit I was given. 😮
        I am…magar I still have some lippies on my wishlist that I really really want…so pehle woh. :whistle:

  4. LOVE IT
    Me too have ordered a CS palette on 3 nov…still waiting for it :chewnails :chewnails
    I hope I receive my package before 22nd, since I have my cousin’s wedding to attend after that :nababana: :nababana: :nababana:
    girls who have ordered stuff from coastalscents please tell me max how many days does it take to receive your order?? :yikes:

    by the way you have a lovely bf!! lucky girl!! :spank: :spank: :spank:

  5. wow.. 2 -2 wonderful e/s pa;;etes.. u had a gr8 bday.. :toothygrin: :thumbsup:
    luved the way u put up the swatches dear.. thts so cute :teddy: :teddy:

  6. I have tried ordering from their website, but paypal dint work on my debit card and i only lost money uhh
    I will definitely order once i can get access to a credit card
    and that was sweet of ur bf to to surprise u :)) u so lucky :teddy:
    have fun with both palettes :yahoo:

    1. awwwww………… thats bad ur eyeshadows always break… :((
      touchwood, i never faced any kind of these problem… :toothygrin:
      and my bf is sweetttttttttttt……………….. :teddy: :teddy: :teddy: :teddy:

  7. soniiiiiiiiiiii….your boyfriend is so sensible :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: and congrats on getting two palettes and belated happy budday ji :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom:

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