Aromaz Pure Derm Saffrotone Skin Toner

Aromaz Pure Derm Saffrotone Skin Toner

Aromaz Pure Derm Saffrotone Skin Toner


Rs. 160 for 100 ml.

Shelf Life:
3 years.

Product Description:
An amazing blend of saffron, sandal and aloe vera.  This gives your skin a youthful look and makes it soft.

Aromaz Pure Derm Saffrotone Skin Toner

How To Use:

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Dab it on a swab of cotton and use it as many times in the day as required.

How I Use It:

I have transferred it to a spray bottle and I use two sprays every time I wash my face followed by some moisturiser.

Aromaz Pure Derm Saffrotone Skin Toner

My Take on Aromaz Pure Derm Saffrotone Skin Toner:

After my exam, I was returning home and I wanted to treat myself for giving a perfect exam and passing in it.  I got down at the CP Metro Station and what better way to treat myself than buy some skin care products or shoes or books. I zeroed in on skin care as that was in my budget :toothygrin:

I entered the Ayur Store and picked up 2 Nivea lip balms (yes they stock Nivea, Colorbar, and a few other brands), this toner as it said saffron on it, and a few plastic spray bottles.

Aromaz Pure Derm Saffrotone Skin Toner

Thereafter, I helped myself with two chocolate éclairs from Wingers and two chocolate doughnuts :eat:  Yes, I do deserve all these  :dance:

Coming to the review, I have been using it since the 7th January, 2012, and this does seem to make a considerable difference in my complexion.  I am wheatish and this thing does a perfect brightening job, skin brightening I mean.  It does not whiten my face or anything.  It does control oil to a little extent and also nothing major on the pores, but yes, I do see it working a tad bit in this department.

My mum says that this toner does nothing for her skin, but makes it softer.  So, I guess it’s working both ways. I would say it works 3/5 for pores, 4/5 for brightening and 3/5 for softness, so not a bad pick.

The weird thing about toners is that most of them contain alcohol and therefore itch. This one also is fine in that department, considering it’s all natural.  I also saw an array on Boutique toners on my visit to Guardian Pharmacy yesterday, guess I am trying those after finishing this one as they also seemed very summer appropriate.

Pros of Aromaz Pure Derm Saffrotone Skin Toner:

  • It works and good value for money having spent Rs. 160 on a 100 ml bottle.
  • It is available where Ayur products are usually available.
  • Good price.
  • 3 years of shelf life.
  • Does not smell strong or chemical.
  • Does not dry out skin, skin friendly.
  • Even if I spray a few extra sprays than my usual quota of two, it does not dry out or cause greasiness on my skin.

Cons of Aromaz Pure Derm Saffrotone Skin Toner:

  • Boring packaging.
  • I wish being a toner, it worked on minimizing the pores as well.

Overall Rating:

3.5 on 5

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14 thoughts on “Aromaz Pure Derm Saffrotone Skin Toner

  1. I wanna start using toner but that has to be alcohol free.
    my skin type is combination,also i would love to know about any product that can clear my tinny pimple marks and can even out my complexion since area around my mouth and forehead is darker then the rest :yikes:
    waiting eagerly for your suggestions girls :drool:

  2. Nice Review :yes: :yes:

    I have a Ayur toner pink wala. i’m not using it coz first time when i applied this my skin started itching n burning. 😥 😥 😥 my skin was like toooo dry and i hate strong smell. Bottle is still loaded. :headbang: :headbang: Don’t know how to use it ?? ya fir throw it away….. :methinks: :methinks:

  3. seems like a nice toner! where do i get this? i have not tried a toner before.. is it essential that one uses a toner? i have the same problems as what rubina stated above :struggle:

  4. Ooooh!~ Seems nice! Saffron. :dumb:
    But yp…It could have done something more. :methinks:
    And Ayure ke store mein Nivea and Colorbar? :hihi: :hihi:

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