Asquith & Somerset Deeply Nourishing Sugar Scrub

Asquith & Somerset Deeply Nourishing Sugar Scrub

Hey Girls, Today, I would be telling you about my latest crush 😉 It’s the Fig & Pear Deep Nourishing Sugar Scrub from Asquith & Somerset. It was just a random pick as I am too fond of scrubs and huge tubs like this always tempt me.

Asquith Somerset Deeply Nourishing Sugar Scrub

Price and Quantity:
$ 5.99 for 500 ml.

What Asquith & Somerset Claims about this scrub:
A highly effective exfoliating sugar scrub lavishly scented with smooth and velvety fig & pear fragrance. This luxury fragrance has been made using the finest quality ingredients to help exfoliate your skin, clearing dead skin cells and dirty pores. Your skin is left feeling soft to touch and perfumed with luxurious tropical bouquet. This invigorating bathing experience promises your skin a most radiant and healthy glow.

• Sugar.
• Paraffinum Liquidum: liquid form of petroleum jelly.
• Glyceryl Stearate: combination of glycerin & stearic acid which acts as a lubricant on skin surface and gives it a soft & smooth appearance.
• Silica Silylate: acts as oil and sebum absorber & acts as an anti aging agent.
• Parfum: Fragrance.
• Benzophenone 3: acts as a sunscreen and protects skin from the harmful UV rays.

When I read such chemical jargons on the label of this scrub, I was totally baffled as to why they needed to put such chemicals in a simple sugar scrub, but now, after reading the role each one of them is playing in not only making my skin soft and smooth, but also giving UV protection and taking care of the fine lines, I am totally convinced.

This is how the scrub looks.
sugar scrub

The best part of this scrub is the granules. As you see in the picture above, there are no harsh granules; in fact, the texture is like crushed sugar. It’s not very sticky, but I must say, it feels like Vaseline. Maybe that’s the reason it makes my skin very soft. Due to other ingredients in the scrub, which absorb oil from the skin, this scrub can be used on oily skin also.

body scrub

So, I can very well say that this is a versatile scrub and can be used for all skin types. Now, if we talk about the fragrance, I didn’t like it at all. In fact, I can neither smell fig nor pear in it. It sort of feels like a chemical concoction. This can be a turnoff at times. Apart from this, it’s a super duper product.

Pros of Asquith & Somerset Deeply Nourishing Sugar Scrub

  • Super skin softener.
  • Sugar granules are gentle with smooth texture.
  • Absorbs extra oiliness even from the stubborn T zone also.
  • No dry patches after application.
  • It gently clears your blackheads out.
  • Little goes a long way.
  • It’s a huge tub and very economical.

Turn Off’s of Asquith & Somerset Deeply Nourishing Sugar Scrub

• I didn’t like the fragrance at all.
• Some of you might find this kind of packaging unhygienic as you have to dig in the tub, but I am okay with it.
• Unavailability in India.

Rating: 4.5/5.

It’s a great buy; just pick it up whenever you see this Asquith & Somerset Deeply Nourishing Sugar Scrub and enjoy soft and supple skin.

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