Audreys Eye Liner Brush Review

Audreys Eye Liner Brush

Price:– INR 55

What the Product Says

Audrey’s Eye Liner Brush – MUB4
Audrey’s eyeliner brush has a pencil thin head that can be used wet or dry to paint super thin lines flawlessly
No animal hair.
Skin friendly.
Smooth application.


My experience with Audreys Eye Liner Brush:

Hello Lovely Ladies,

I had been long searching for a thin eye liner brush for making precise and thin lines for my eyes. I wanted the Vega one but they were always sold out. While surfing the site I came across this one from Audrey’s. I had not previously heard about this brand but since it was so cheap I thought its worth giving a try. So read on to know how it fared.

The brush has a very thin tip but the bristles are dense enough to pick up the right amount of product. For such a thin brush the bristles are pretty dense and packed compactly and do not feel scratchy .It makes very precise lines and gives complete ease of application. I have washed it a number of times but it has never shed a single bristle so far. So that really impressed me.

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The only con for some could be that if you use it continuously for more than two times without cleaning the product from the previous time it becomes hard and difficult to use. So it has to be cleaned with some makeup remover to remove the product buildup after a couple of uses. But I don’t really count this as a con.

This is an excellent choice for beginners who do not want to spend a lot of money but still want a decent brush to make thin lines and anyone who wants precise application. I would definitely recommend this brush to everyone.


Pros Audreys Eye Liner Brush:

• Cheap and affordable
• Bristle quality is good
• Gives precise and easy application
• Does not shed bristles
• No animal hair


Cons of Audreys Eye Liner Brush:

• Availability
• Needs to be cleaned after a couple of times

Rating: 4.7/5

Yes I would repurchase and highly recommend this to beginners.

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