BaByliss 3021E Heated Ceramic Rollers Set Review

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I am primarily into curling to set my hair these days, my hair needs a break from constant straightening. I use normal plastic rollers on other days but this heated rollers set was on my wishlist for such a long time. There are so many brands on offer: Remington, Conair, and Babyliss. Most of them would offer 20 rollers of three sizes for around 5k to 6K Indian rupees. You would think why invest so much when plastic rollers can do the same job for very less. The answer to that is time. Hot rollers give a professional setting to the hair in 15 minutes while plastic or velcro rollers will take a couple of hours. Have a look and decide if you like the look.


Price: Rs. 5146 when I purchased it, but prices will vary online.
Product Features :
⦁ 20 velvet coating Ceramic rollers
⦁ 8 large 32 mm
⦁ 6 medium 25 mm
⦁ 6 small 19 mm
⦁ 20 butterfly clips
⦁ 20 metal clips
⦁ On/ off indicator light
⦁ Storage case
⦁ On / off switch
⦁ 2 year Warranty


My Experience with BaByliss 3021E Heated Ceramic Rollers Set:

Well, this review is going to be picture heavy because I have been trying the rollers to set with damp hair, with serum, with a curl fluid, and with a hair spray. So I would like to share the looks I achieved with the product.



Generally, the set is bulky and will need a flat surface to work on. I use the top of my dresser. It needs 5 minutes to heat up, which is indicated by one roller which has a central dot. When the dot goes from red to white, your set is ready. Remember you have to keep it on while you are placing the rollers in the hair else they will cool down. The on-off switch has a light provided. The rollers come in three sizes: small, medium and big. The metal clips also come in similar sizes to match your roller. But personally, I love using the plastic butterfly clips to set the rollers in place. The metal clips need to go perpendicular to the roller; I like to keep the U-shape of the metal clip below and the open ends on top.




The set has a heated base and sockets for the rollers to fit. The rollers have a cut in the middle to fit into place in the set. Once you switch on, the heating begins, and when the red dot of the special roller turns white, you can begin placing your rollers. The jumbo rollers need to be placed in the mohawk section of the hair. I like to place the jumbo rollers for the front bangs too. I roll them inward under the hair, the crown gets volume too like that. The medium sized rollers and the small one can go sideways. Remember if you want volume, roll them inwards towards the scalp. If you want to reduce volume from the hair, roll them inward when you place the roller over the hair. You can roll sideways or horizontal. There will be some trial and error to this. Now I tried using this on damp hair with some curl fluid from Osmo, and I did not get good results at all.



Next time, I tried them on with a regular serum on shampooed but air dried hair, I got loose bouncy curls. They lasted for 6-8 hours but they do loosen up and settle down without a hair spray. This can be your daily style for regular wear.



Lastly, my favourite way to use these rollers is to spray each section lightly with a hairspray. You can vary the hairspray’s strength according to your needs. For a party, I would use a stronghold. Spray and then comb with a tail comb, and take a small section, and roll and set with a clips or metal clip provided. Leave them on for ten minutes. Remember I have naturally thick and wavy to curly hair so ten minutes should be enough. By 15 minutes, the heat goes down and the rollers are cool again. When you place the rollers, the central part could be hot, so hold the sides of the rollers only. If you want tight curls, do not comb through after removal and set it with a spray. If you want volume, toss your hair downwards run your fingers and then set with a spray. The curls will loosen up in some time. They do last five or more hours on me. The hairspray technique works best for me.


I would like to also mention that the velvet on the roller helps to tame my hair and my hair section kind of adheres to the velvet nicely to be rolled. The roller is heavy due to the ceramic in it. The whole set will be difficult to carry around or travel with. For this, you can check travel-friendly compact hot rollers. I have dropped the roller and nothing happened to it. I was almost about to drop the whole set twice due to the weight. 😛

My Natural Hair:


Hairspray Used Before and After Setting:



Pros of BaByliss 3021E Heated Ceramic Rollers Set:

⦁ Love the whole gadget-like feel to them
⦁ Ceramic heating system
⦁ Butterfly clips come very handy for a tight setting
⦁ 20 is a good number for voluminous hair like mine too
⦁ Works in ten minutes
⦁ Time saving when compared to plastic rollers
⦁ Will add volume for limp hair

Cons of BaByliss 3021E Heated Ceramic Rollers Set:

⦁ Heats up in five minutes; I get impatient 😛
⦁ Will not work on damp hair
⦁ Hairspray will be a good help if your hair is straight
⦁ You need to be careful with heat in it
⦁ You will eventually add to the heat damage to hair, but not as much as flat irons

IMBB Rating: 4.9/5
Will I Recommend/Repurchase BaByliss 3021E Heated Ceramic Rollers Set?
This is my friend for life, hopefully; I will be trying out Remington or Conair next.

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11 thoughts on “BaByliss 3021E Heated Ceramic Rollers Set Review

    1. Jomol thanks so much and imbb too 🙂
      Yes took some hairspray work n time but I am happy with the beautiful set! Much coveted gadget!!

    1. My hair is totally opposite from your hair, it’s full straight hair so I love curls.. 😛 Currently, I love heatless curl with foam rods, otherwise I use my Philips curler. 😛

  1. The effect is so beautiful but I love your natural curls too, Neha. Love how this set has worked for you. Love the review.

  2. thank you so much Shikha 😀 yes lesser heat damage and more impact for looks 😉 hehe yeah my hair are getting naturally curly these days :O

  3. Hey, first of all very detailed review. I love how you have shared your experience with different products and shown us the best way to use it. Your curls look so beautiful. I totally love your natural hair too. I think they would look gorgeous if you just style it even without the heat.

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