Revlon Extreme Impact Heated Rollers Review

By Praveena R

Hey everyone!

So when it comes to looking like a diva, hair probably tops the list. We always admire how beautiful celebrities’ tresses are! But sometimes, we are in such a bad time crunch that we end up with plain hair. Well, there’s a real wonderful solution to that. If you want to get some gorgeous, sexy, jaw dropping curls, follow through.

Revlon Extreme Impact Heated Rollers Review

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How to Use:
• Set the curlers to get hot
• Detangle your hair well and spray on some serum/heat protector
• Make proper partitions and start curling from the crown by wrapping half hair around then rolling the curler up to the root.
• Leave it on as per requirement(10-15 mins for soft curls; 20-25 mins for intact curls)
• Once open bend down and run your fingers gently and you are style ready

My Experience with Revlon Extreme Impact Heated Rollers:

Revlon Extreme Impact Heated Rollers Review1

So I already had a Philips Hair Curler and a Conair 1 and 1/2 Inch Curler, but I barely use it mainly because I am always time crunched and I cannot stand in front of the mirror for 15-20 minutes straight. My hand really hurts trying to curl all the hair. And, not to forget the excess heat from the rod that comes directly to the hair. OMG!

Revlon Extreme Impact Heated Rollers Review2

So, while walking around, I came across these Heated Rollers from Revlon which claim to give soft and sexy curls in a very short time. And guess what, they DO!. Of course when you hear the word “HOT” the sight of burned or damaged hair comes to mind. Well, fortunately these rollers have a velvet cover on top of it so direct heat does not impact your hair and you don’t have to heat your hair to way high temperature to get the desired look.

Revlon Extreme Impact Heated Rollers Review3

If you don’t have a heat protection spray, just spray some serum on your hair & voila you are ready to curl! You can quickly put in the rollers and then do your makeup or whatever you have to. Initially, you might take some time to learn it, but gradually you will master the art. You can even use it on towel dried hair.

It gets ready super fast as it claims, within three minutes to be precise. Also, it curls hair super fast and the curls remain intact for up to two days. If you have limp hair, this one is meant for you since it volumizes the hair too along with curling it. It has never damaged or burned my hair. And also, unlike velcro rollers, this one does not make my hair get tangled.

Revlon Extreme Impact Heated Rollers Review5

In this picture I left the curlers barely for 5 minutes (I started from left to right, as soon I was done with the last curler I started removing the 1st one)

Revlon Extreme Impact Heated Rollers Review4

Pros of Revlon Extreme Impact Heated Rollers:

• Ready in 3 minutes
• Gives perfect curls
• Less heat
• Does not burn hair
• Volumizes the hair
• Unlike the velcro rollers they do not get tangled
• Curls stay for 2 days
• Different size curlers for different hair sections

Cons of Revlon Extreme Impact Heated Rollers:

• The pins sometime slip off
• Might take some time to heat up
• Big box makes it difficult to travel with
• Only available online, very rarely available in stores

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6 thoughts on “Revlon Extreme Impact Heated Rollers Review

  1. You have gorgeous hair Praveena, and it’s looking better with waves. I have never tried heated rollers, but would love to someday, at the moment my hair is short.

  2. I had tried heated rollers once and the curls looked gorgeous initially but they started coming off within 10 mins. I was very disappointed and since then I only trust a curling wand. Although this one sounds like a good product. Great review 🙂

  3. I have short hair but I truly love long voluminous curly waves. Seeing this hot rollers and your hair I am missing my previous long hair 🙁 Amazing product and good review Praveena and your hair looks gorgeous

  4. Hey all,

    You can also use the curlers on short hair. Even women with ear lenghth hair can use them. All you’ve got to do is roll only the crown portion of the hair using the jumbo rollers in an inward direction. It will give a nice volume boost and look very good.

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