Banjara’s Orange Honey Gel Review

Banjara’s Orange Honey Gel Review

Hello ladies,

I am sure most of you must have used aloe vera gel at some point or other in life. Many of us are so fond of aloe vera gel, especially during summers that we can vouch on it. But have you ever tried an orange and honey gel, reminds of orange marmalade to me.  This orange honey gel from Banjara’s was bought by me one month ago, during a casual visit to Health and Glow.  I was browsing through the Banjara’s section when their SA came to me and started telling me about the recent promotional offers. Trust me, I had no intention of buying anything, but these promotional offers I tell you, I always end up buying something.  Read on to find how this gel is working for my oily/combination skin.



INR 90 for 100 ml.

Product Description:

Banjara’s Orange honey gel with the extracts of honey from honey bee, anti-acne action eliminates dead cells and organisms. Its use helps in cell regeneration for acne-prone skin. It has anti-aging effect with moisturizing and conditioning activity. The skin gets firmer as the gel dries, the nutrient feed protecting the skin all day long.

Key Ingredients:

Orange extracts, Honey, Vitamin, Aqua, and Glycerine (full ingredient list not given).

Banjara’s Orange Honey Gel 2

My Experience with Banjara’s Orange Honey Gel:

I bought this gel without knowing when I could use it.  I use aloe vera gel on my face every day after coming back from office, so I decided to replace it with this gel for trial purpose and here this gel worked well for me. This gel is orange in colour and has faint orange smell.  It gets absorbed into the skin easily, but if more than a pea size is used, then you need to massage it quite longer for it to get absorbed into the skin fully. It is non sticky (if right amount is used), but was able to give enough moisturization to my facial skin after wash. Then, for a few times, for trial purpose, I used it in place of my night cream and next morning, I saw that my skin looked equally radiant as it looks when I use the night cream. So, for summer for oily/combination skin, this worked as a good night cream also.

Banjara’s Orange Honey Gel 3

Overall, as a light, gel-based moisturizer, it is working very well for me. However, there is not that extreme cooling sensation which some of the alo vera gel give.  About its anti acne and anti ageing claim, I cannot comment on that.


Pros of Banjara’s Orange Honey Gel:

  • Lightweight gel-based moisturizer, ideal for summers.
  • Has goodness of orange and honey, good choice for oily skin.
  • Works well as night cream also (good moisturization).
  • Skin get a nice glow after using this.
  • Light on pocket.
  • Tube packaging, hygienic and travel friendly.

Cons of Banjara’s Orange Honey Gel:

  • Full ingredient list not given.
  • If more amount of product is used, it gets sticky and takes longer to get absorbed into the skin.

Do I Recommend Banjara’s Orange Honey Gel?

Yes, I recommend this to all oily/combination skin beauties looking for a light gel-based moisturizer. Might work for dry skin also but not for extremely dry skin.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase Banjara’s Orange Honey Gel?

Maybe, I will as it is a good product but not a HG product. However, have to finish my aloe vera gel before buying this one again.

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  1. Thanks Neha… *thankyou* I cut my nails yesterday so now no more long nails *cry* for few weeks.
    Some how Banjara’s has worked decently for me till now 🙂

  2. Seems to be good… I shall try but only once my aloevera and cucumber gel are over!! I cannot stock anymore 😛 😛

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