Banjara’s Premium Rose Water Review

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Rose water is a beauty product that has been in our closet for many years and that is something which is a total essential in a women’s kitty. Not only does it have enormous benefits for skin but it is just so chemical-free! I came across this premium rose water recently and it seemed pretty low-priced but had a premium tag, so I said why not try it out? Let’s see how this fresh rose water worked for me.

Banjara's Premium Rose Water  (2)

Price: Rs. 40 for 120 ml

Product description by Banjara’s:
Banjara’s premium rose water is made up of purified water and enriched with pure rose oil. Applying this rose water on the face or using it with a face pack will help remove dirt from the clogged pores. It hydrates the skin and makes it soft. It also works as a natural skin toner by tightening pores thereby giving you glowing, younger looking skin. Its unique long lasting natural rose fragrance will uplift your senses.

Directions: Dip a cotton ball into banajara’s premium rose water and apply it on the face as a cleanser.

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My experience with Banjara’s Premium Rose Water:

Banjara’s premium rose water comes in a bright maroon and baby pink packaging. It is a light-weight cylindrical bottle along with a turn-around cap. It is super travel-friendly and the packaging is very convenient too. The cost is really low so it is a win-win situation for us. The hole is tiny so a limited product comes out and that is what we need because the cotton swab shouldn’t entirely be soaked with water such that it starts dripping! The consistency is exactly like water but what is different is the pleasant and calming fragrance. I fell in love with the scent instantly . It is very natural and exactly how fresh roses smell. It stays on the face for long which calms the senses and gives a refreshing feeling. The rose water makes the skin look fresh and glowing.

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It revives dry and dull skin and it does add a boost of hydration to the skin because I did have some parched patches on my skin and they were gone after I used this one. With regular use, it will definitely make a difference and the skin will look more glowing and youthful. Also, it works as a cleanser and a toner. It removes all light make-up well except for the heavy eye make-up in minutes. Also, the skin is free from dirt and impurities and looks very clean and smooth. It does clean the pores but removes only the daily grime, do not expect it to work on whiteheads and blackheads around your nose because they are too stubborn for this baby! The skin feels really soft to touch and ready for make-up, so this can be used before applying make-up too to soften out the skin. It works great along with the hard clay or mud masks too and blends very well with them providing us a smooth consistency to apply all over the face and neck. Have tired eyes and need to soothe them? Yes, this does a great job there too. It does not irritate the eyes and gives a soothing feeling to the eyes. So for me, this is a super product.

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Banjara's Premium Rose Water  (3)

Pros of Banjara’s Premium Rose Water:

  • Very cheap and available easily too
  • Cute packaging in shades of pink which is very travel friendly due to its light-weight
  • Cleans out all the dirt and impurities from the skin thus making it smooth and soft
  • It refreshes the skin very well and the pleasant rosy fragrance calms the senses
  • It removes make-up too and can be used along with thick face packs
  • Soothes and relaxes the tired and puffy eyes well
  • Improves the skin after continuous use and makes the skin glowing and youthful
  • Adds a burst of hydration to the skin hence a great product for dry and oily skin as well.

Cons of Banjara’s Premium Rose Water:


Will I repurchase/recommend Banjara’s Premium Rose Water?
Yes absolutely! This is one product with so many benefits for the skin in short it is a multi-tasker and therefore every woman should try this product for fresh and glowing skin.

IMBB rating: 5/5

Conclusion on Banjara’s Premium Rose Water:
It works for all the skin types, be it oily or dry! It removes traces of oil from your face and gives hydration to the dry patches, isn’t it a decent one then?

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13 thoughts on “Banjara’s Premium Rose Water Review

      1. hehehe your most welcome nisita 🙂 i don’t think this helps with pimple marks .. it just cleans your skin and gives a glow.. add lemon to this for the marks.. they will surely be gone 🙂

  1. Saloni check the ingredients. This stuff is not pure 🙁 Why do these companies fool us by selling fragranced water in the name of rose water? Get your hands on something pure girl. Great review otherwise 🙂

    1. Yeah i knew there was some artificial fragrance to it.. since i could make it out when i sniffed this 🙂 but was worth a try .. i don’t think they fooled us as they have mentioned it clearly in the ingredients.. but i know women are not going to take the time to read it lol .. thanks a lot 🙂

  2. I am very happy with Kama Ayurveda one, it’s more expensive but is good quality stuff. Also, love its spray. You have reviewed it very well Saloni.

    1. Shikha try out the rose water by Oilcraft Naturals next. It’s as pure as the Kama ayurveda one and from the same source as the Kama one. Apparently both are manufactured by the same company but the Oilcrafts one is sold at half the price! 🙂

      1. Yes i am waiting to try that.. but thought of finishing these little guys first .. and then surely getting that one or the forest essentials one 🙂 thanks a lot babe 🙂

  3. Even though this one is good, I always get an itchy skin issue with rose waters. Only Patanjali has suited me well, even gulabari failed to suit my skin. So that’s why I might not try this one..

    1. yes totally.. this has some artificial fragrance to it and that might be the reason it may fail for you.. and glad you found one.. just stick to that 🙂

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