Beaver Professional Treatments Conditioning Cream Mask Review

Beaver Professional Treatments Conditioning Cream Mask Review


Beaver is an International brand that specifically makes hair care products.  The name “cream mask” in the product title is misleading because its not a mask, its a conditioning spray.  I wanted to try it because its been a long time since I picked up something for my hair.  Another feature I liked is that this is a no-rinse product, yay! Now, a little about the product.

Product Description:

Condtioning Hair Mask 1

Pure, mild and no-washing nourishing product, contains varied natural plant extracts, vitamins, Ph3-4, quickly refills the lost H, changes the alkalified, damaged hair into soured, recovers the elasticity of the hair, flats the layer, pluses the gloss, several micro elements can more quickly absorb into the hair 100 times than traditional hair care products and quickly repairs the split hair, softens and brighens the hair, long lasts moist and presents smooth hair, it is the special made product for best hair.


Condtioning Hair Mask Ingredients


Rs. 325 for 50 ml.

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My Take on Beaver Professional Treatments Conditioning Cream Mask:

This cream mask is a clear liquid with just a bit of oily texture to it and comes in a strong glass bottle with a spray nozzle.  It is completely odorless which is what I like the most about it.  Most of the non-rinse hair gels/sprays I have used gave me headache.  I cannot keep any strong-smelling products in my head because I immediately get severe headaches.  Its a non-rinse formula, which means no need to wash it off the hair.  I use it before straightening on my towel-dried hair.  I spray it around 5 inches away from hair because that helps in even distribution of the product.  When sprayed, it gives an oily texture to the hair and tames frizzy hair.  It smooths down hair. However, it doesn’t hold hair in place, you would need a proper hair spray for that.  This conditioning mask is very light on the hair, does not weigh it down.

Condtioning Hair Mask 3

Most of the conditioning hair masks have a tendency to make hair extremely oily and heavy after one day, but that does not happen with this mask.  I didn’t feel the need to wash it off even after two days because it didn’t feel heavy.

Condtioning Hair Mask 2

There are two things that disappointed me, the presence of silicones and the fact that I had expected it to give glossy hair, but that didn’t happen.

It doesn’t repair split hair, that’s a tall claim to make, but this spray does condition hair without weighing down the hair.

Condtioning Hair Mask 5

Pros of Beaver Professional Treatments Conditioning Cream Mask:

  • A colorless conditioning spray that tames frizzy hair and conditions hair.
  • Takes care of flyaways.
  • Completely odorless.
  • Comes in a nozzle spray packaging.
  • Does not weigh down hair.
  • Claims to containprimrose, hawaii fruit seed oil, guava extract, vitamin C, vitamin E, sunflower extract.

Cons of Beaver Professional Treatments Conditioning Cream Mask:

  • Not travel friendly at all because some liquid had leaked out of the bottle when I received it.
  • Contains silicones.
  • Does not repair split ends.
  • No glossy hair.

Would I Repurchase Beaver Professional Treatments Conditioning Cream Mask?


IMBB Rating:


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