Best Budget Beauty and Grooming Tips

Best Budget Beauty and Grooming Tips

By Sonia Sharma

Hey Beauties,

We girls want our life to be perfect, but we all know that it cannot be, but we can surely make our life near to perfect.  There are so many things in our life from where we can start i.e. relationships, professional surroundings, our clothes, negotiation skills, make up, cooking, gardening etc.


You know always keep this in mind that we can do everything though not on 100% level, but we can do some things on a perfection stage.  So here I am, I will give you some beauty tips and fashion tips which will groom you and give a new life. Some tips will be of great value if you keep this in mind that you are beautiful!!

stylish tips

I am only here to make you super beautiful. I invented this word for you beauties.

Some random tips are:

  • To make your hair more shiny and beautiful, apply sunflower oil of any edible oil you are using for cooking. This oil should not be used for massage. In fact this should be used as a serum.

Best Budget and Grooming Tips 2

  • If your hair is too oily and you have an urgent meeting or party and you don’t have time to wash your hair, try this.  Take a bit of talcum powder in your hands and rub it. Then, apply in your hair like you are applying serum.  Make sure your hair is wet.

Best Budget and Grooming Tips 3

  • If your nails are brittle and lost their shine due to excessive use of nail polish, then try Boroline. Apply a bit of it on every nail and massage gently in night. Your nails will get their shine back and they will become stronger.


  • If your eye lashes are lightweight or you have less hair on your eyebrows, then apply coconut oil or olive oil. For application, take a small drop of oil on your fingers and apply on your eyelashes as well as on your eyebrows. You will see the results within three months.

Olive oil

  • To make your hands soft, apply malai (milk cream) in the night as a hand cream.  This not only makes them soft, but also makes them shiny.

Milk Cream

To reduce blackness of elbows and ankles, try lemon.  Applying lemon rinds on elbows and ankles make them soft as well as removes tan.

lemon slice

If you have a round face, make sure you wear danglers or long earrings. It not only enhances your facial beauty but gives you a mature look.

Dangle earrings

So, that;s it for now, will get back very soon to you with more beauty tips, till then, take care 🙂

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