Best Fake Eyelashes Available in India

Best Fake Eyelashes Available in India


If you want to add more drama and glamour to eye makeup, go a notch higher than your voluminous mascara and pick up fake eyelashes.  Yes, fake eyelashes can totally glam you up and can transform you into a diva, totally!  I have seen some youtube videos where women jazz up their eye makeup by adding falsies.  Falsies add volume and glamour to eyes so that you can flutter the eyelashes more.  You can get hollywood and doll like lashes with falsies, there is a huge variety of eyelashes available in different shapes and densities. To get flirty, feminine, beautiful look, check out these fluttery delights so that you can flutter your stuff!

1.  Basicare Styling Eyelashes:

Price:  Rs. 160


Comes with an invisible band, easy to apply.  Gives dramatic effect.  Soft and easy to curl.  Looks very natural, weightless, wide, easy to remove.  Good quality, looks pretty.

2.  Konad False Eyelash- 03:

Price:  Rs. 200

konad false eyelashes

Gives a well-defined look, reusable, thick lashes, looks natural.  Comes with eyelash glue, easy to remove, comes with a slim band.

3.  Konad False Eyelashes 02: Glitter Version


Gives a well-defined look, reusable falsies, give a dramatic look.  Slim lash band, sticks to the natural lashes well.  No over the top glitter, great for night parties.

4.  MAC False Eyelashes:

Price:  $16

Dense, natural length, handmade, gives striking effect for both natural and dramatic look.  Available in variety of shapes.  These lashes can be curled and shaped.

5.  Ardell False Eyelashes:

Price:  Range starts from Rs. 370 to Rs. 420

Gives natural look, makes eyes appear big and voluminous, some are made with 100% natural human hair, safe to use. Gives beautiful and dramatic effect.

false eyelashes

6.  MUA False Lash:

Price:  Rs. 450

Gives a voluminous effect, gives wide eye effect, safe to use.  Available in a variety of densities which can give you natural as well as dramatic looks.

7.  NYX False Lashes:

Price:  $4

Comfortable for everyday use, easy to apply.  NYX falsies includes both natural and synthetic varieties.  Also, available in a variety of densities and shapes.  A special range called “special effects theatrical lashes” also available consisting of bold lashes such as dyed, dotted, feathered and embellished ones.

8. Inglot False Lashes:

Price: Rs. 500


Made of natural hair, gives a dramatic look. Can give you a very glamorous look. The band of lashes is slim. The lashes have uneven length, hence can give you a very natural yet dramatic look.

9. Kryolan Eyelashes 9371 TV3:

Price: Rs. 200

kryolan eyelashes

False eyelashes that are cut to size, long and dramatic lashes, looks 70% natural. Makes eyes slightly bigger. Lashes are soft and of great quality. Reusable, but does not come with glue.

10.  Make Up For Ever Fake Eyelashes:

Available in a variety of shapes and densities – from natural looking to dramatic, to extremely theatrical and artistic eyelashes. There’s even a range of feather eyelashes available, obviously not for faint hearted souls!

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    1. Hi rinnie…..I have given links above to all the reviews of eyelashes… can refer those to find out how to remove the lashes off at the end of the day 🙂

  1. Nice compilation jomol.I got e.l.f. False eyelashes from my trip abroad.but I still don’t know how to apply it to my eye with the glue.I’m kind of scared to put the glue on my eyes.any tips on that? *headbang* *scared*

    1. Sanz….there are a lot of articles on IMBB, please check them out. Also, in the reviews that you can check out through the links above, you can get tips from the reviewers on easy application

  2. *thankyou* so much Jomol for this post, I wanted to try some decent false lashes 🙂 , but dont know when will I be able to apply them perfectly *hihi* *hihi*

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