15 Best Heat Protection Hair Sprays Available in India

Heat/thermal protectant is a must if you style your hair regularly or even occasionally.  Curling, perming, blow drying, straightening, crimping, tongs, curling rods, etc., use high temperatures to bring about the styling effect. Though styled hair looks awesome, but then we have to think about the high amount of damage that this high temperature is causing to the hair.  Heat protection protect hair from heat damage by shielding by forming a layer on hair strands.  Thermal protectant products are available in various forms like spray, mousse, gel, serum, etc.  If you do not use heat protection on your before styling, it can lead to frizzy, coarse, dry hair with split ends and breakage.  A few tips from my side before I forget them, always looking for ceramic coating in styling tools because such a coating evenly distributes heat without burning hair. Also, never straighten your hair when it is soaking wet, in fact do not straighten wet hair at all. When heat is applied to wet hair, it can cause permanent damage, so better be safe than sorry!

While using heat protection product, use it on wet hair because it will ensure that all hair strands are coated. Also, comb through the hair so that the product gets distributed evenly.  Now, let’s see what are the products which can save your tresses from damage 🙂 Some of the products you would have to search hard, if you don’t find it in Indian websites or shops, you can always use CC to ship it to your doorstep 🙂

1.  L’Oreal Professional Liss Ultime Heat Protectant:

Price:  Rs. 580 for 50 ml.


Thermo-soothing oil helps to protect the hair and optimize the effect of heated styling tools, leaving the hair feeling silky-smooth to touch.  Apply to shampooed, blow-dried hair. Use a hair dryer or straightening iron to achieve the smoothest results.  Protects hair well from heat, detangles hair, can be used for blow drying and ironing, doesn’t leave any residue on hair.

2.  Sunsilk Keratinology Heat Protector Spray:

Price:  Rs. 400


Advanced heat protection formula with UV filter helps prevent breakage and frizz as you style for a professional look. Keratin Micro Technology reconstruct the hair surface, while micro nutrients penetrate into the hair cortex to deeply nourish the hair.  Very moisturizing even when rinse-off conditioner is not used, sprays a large mist which covers a lot of hair, makes hair shiny.

3.  TRESemme Heat Tamer Protective Spray:

Price:  49 HKD, approximately Rs. 325


Lockable nozzle, vitamin enriched salon quality, minimizes heat damage, conditions and shines, styles and protects hair, vitamin enriched formula.  Gives soft, shiny hair.  This hair spray controls frizz, protects against heat damage, and leaves hair shiny and super soft after styling.

4.  L’Oreal Professionnel Constructor Techni Art Heat Protectant:

Price:  Rs. 550


Provides good heat protection, gives good volume.  The texture has hold as well as movement, doesn’t weigh down fine hair.

5.  Berina Hair Heat Protector:

Price:  Rs. 290


Berina Heat Protector contains Pro-Vitamins B5 with two systems of Milky Spray provides the heat protection against hair dryer and iron. This nourishes and makes hair look healthy, shiny, silky and natural.  Makes hair soft, detangles hair, less split ends.

6.  Schwarzkopf Gliss Total Hair Repair Heat Protection Spray:

Price:  Rs. 350


Do you want to protect your hair from heat damage? The formula with heat-protect system protects your hair effectively,provides moisture and cares without overweighing, smoothens hair and reduces frizz. Heat protection up to 220°C.

7.  John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Serum Thermal Protection:

Price:  Rs. 450

John Frieda Heat Protection Spray

Does not leave a heavy, greasy effect on the hair.  Hair feels smooth and silky, appears shiny without looking oily. Provides protection from heat damage, as well as UV exposure and pollutants.  Gentle appealing fragrance without being overpowering. Helps keep hair styled (straightened or curled) longer.  Only a small amount required.

8.  TRESemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray:

Price:  $5.49


This product is for smooth, easy to style hair, for heat protection and salon shine.  Protects from heat and adds shine, makes hair smooth and manageable, controls frizz and detangles  hair, does not contain alcohol, contains biotin which aids in hair growth, does not lead to product buildup.

9.  Toni & Guy Iron It Heat Defense Spray:

Price:  Rs. 475

Toni-and-Guy-Hair-Defence-6 (2)

This light spray protects against heat damage, conditions, and smoothes, boosting natural shine.

10.  Toni & Guy Iron It Heat Defense Spray Maximum Heat Protection For Straight Styles:


This light spray protects against heat damage, conditions, and smoothes, boosting natural shine.

11.  Wella New Wave Tame it Smoothing Mousse:


Helps protect from styling heat damage, create sleek, shiny style. It is a conditioning formula smoothes out your hair and helps protect it from styling heat damage.

12.  L’Oreal Professional Tec Hot Style Iron Finish:

Price:  Rs. 525


A thermal protectant advised by many hairdresses and stylists.  This product acts as a shield between hair and heat.

13.  Giovanni Straight Fast Straightening Elixir:

Price:  Rs. 695 for 200 ml.


Smoothes and soothes hair for the ultimate sleek style.  Straightens hair temporarily until next shampoo.  Certified organic botanicals protect hair from heat styling.  Smooths curls, relaxes waves.  This lightweight crystal clear gel, adds silky shine while it repels humidity.  Makes hair sleek.  Perfect for all hair types.  Protects hair from damage while styling and this is a must-have product for those who use straightening iron frequently.  Adds shine to hair.  Does not contain parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, mineral oil, artificial colors, phthalates, propylene glycol.

14.  L’Oreal Paris Studio Line Silk & Gloss Hot Straight Cream:


Thermo protect technology, for use with straightening irons and hair dryers.  It makes straightening easier, helps protect the hair.

15.  Kérastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique:

Price:  Rs. 1800


Kérastase Nectar Thermique is a rich nourishing cream with thermo-protective heat-activated ingredient. Sealing in softness to the hair fibre, it helps protect dry to very dry hair from thermal styling leaving it soft, silky, hydrated and manageable.  Controls frizz and fly aways.

Some other hair protectant hair products are Toni and Guy Mist Hair Spray, Toni and Guy Heat Protection Mist High Temperature Protection, Moroccan Argan Weightless Healing Oil Spray, and Label M Heat Protection Spray.

That was my list, please feel free to add more in the comments, would love that 🙂

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