Biore UV Perfect Face Milk with SPF 50+ PA+++

Biore UV Perfect Face Milk with SPF 50+ PA+++

Biore UV Perfect Face Milk with SPF 50 PA+++

I’ll be reviewing my current sunscreen today. It is from Biore and is called “Biore UV Perfect Face Milk.”  It has SPF 50+ and PA+++. This is a different product from the Biore UV Perfect Milk reviewed on the Filipino Beauty blog, but both are from the same range. I bought this sunscreen in Malaysia for the following reasons:

It has sebum-absorbing power and is the best-selling sunscreen in Japan. When it comes to skin care, I’m always prepared to take advice from Japanese women.  They know what they are talking about. After all, Japan is the birth place for Shiseido, SK-11 and Shu umera.  In Australia, the restrictions and rules governing sunscreens is pretty stringent. The maximum SPF sold here will be SPF 30.  This is because UV penetration is high in Australia and because of this reason, skin cancer/melanoma rate is very high here. Most of the sunscreens/sunglasses and even some hats made in Australia are approved by the Australian Cancer Council.  Cancer Council of Australia make their own sunscreens as well.

I’m a person who tans very easily. Being out in the sun for just 10 minutes is enough to do the damage. Even though I’m not into skin lightening, I do my best to prevent tanning. I actually have two different foundations NC42 and NC43 to be used in winter and summer respectively. I wanted to buy sunscreen with SPF 50, but since it is not available in Australia, I bought this one in Malaysia. In Malaysia, I even saw sunscreens with SPF 100.  I am not sure of the effectiveness though.

I have oily/combination skin and just can’t use just any sunscreen as it turns my face in to an oil well. I used the Clinique SPF 50 sunscreen previously and it made my face really oily. The Neutrogena Dry Touch is easily available here, but the maximum SPF it offers is 30.

Back to my face milk, I bought two of them.  Even though the brand “Biore” is available here, I have only used their nose pores.  I always found their range to be boring.  However, in Malaysia, they have a totally different collection, which seemed more attractive .

Product Description:


Suitable as a makeup base even with high SPF to prevent your skin from becoming oily and sticky by absorbing sebum so that your makeup stays longer.  Superior UV Block-Provides long lasting protection against harmful UV rays that cause darkening, formation of spots and freckles.  Effective makeup base-Formulated with sebum absorbing powder to prevent oily and sticky skin for makeup base to last longer.  Does not clog pores-Light texture that spreads smoothly on the face. Keeps your skin smooth and comfortable all day. Unscented and no colour added.

Directions For Use:

Shake bottle and squeeze small amount on to tip of finger. Apply on skin evenly. For best results, apply after wiping sweat or water off.


RM 25 (around 400 INR) 30 ml.


Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate 5.0%, Cyclopentasiloxane 25.7%, Zinc Oxide 12.0%, Lauryl Methacrylate/Sodium Methacrylate Crosspolymer 6.0%, Titanium Dioxide 0.47% Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone, Alcohol, Water, Lauryl Methacrylate/Sodium Methaxcrylate Crosspolymer, Talc, Glycerin, Titanium Dioxide, Methicone, Mica, Polysilicone-9, Peg-12 Dimethicone, Peg-3 Dimethicone, Cetyl-Pg Hydroxyethyl Palmitamide, Aluminum Hydroxide, Silica, Iron Oxides (Ci 73360), Bht, Barium Sulfate, Aluminum Dimyristate.

My Experience with Biore UV Perfect Face Milk with SPF 50+ PA+++:

I absolutely love how this works. When you take some product into your palm, it is just like white milk, just a bit thicker and thus less runny. I dot my face with this and then rub it.  As soon as I rub, it feels like I’m wearing powder and not a sunscreen at all. It becomes super matte and stays the same way for at least 4 to 5 hours.  After that, my skin returns to normal and I need to reapply the sunscreen. Another thing worth mentioning is that this product reduces tanning by at least 75%.  It does not leave a white cast at all and looks good in photos.

Face Milk

I also use this as a day-time makeup base.  (For night-time, I use Rimmel Primer).  With some sunscreens, even though sun damage is reduced, tanning is not.  With this however I feel that my skin is in the same shade even after sun exposure for 30 to 60 minutes. It does not give an offensive smell like some sunscreens do and feels so light on the skin. With all these benefits, this sunscreen receives my Holy Grail award.  This is the best sunscreen I have tried out so far and outperforms even expensive ones. Dry skin ladies please stay away from this product as it absorbs sebum/oil from your skin.

Pros of Biore UV Perfect Face Milk with SPF 50+ PA+++:

  • Perfect for oily skin as it gives a matte effect.
  • Has sebum-absorbing power.
  • Contains SPF 50 and PA +++.
  • Easy to carry around in a hand bag.
  • Reduces tanning due to sun exposure.
  • Does not leave a white cast.
  • Can be used as a day time makeup base if you are going to be out in the sun.
  • Did not clog pores even when on days I was too lazy to remove sunscreen before going to bed.

Cons of Biore UV Perfect Face Milk with SPF 50+ PA+++:

  • This particular sunscreen might not be available in all countries that sell Biore.
  • I really hate it when the same brand introduces different products to different countries, makes my life hard, I see really good products in India/Malaysia, but not in Australia.
  • Product quantity is less when compared to the price, but does perform well for the price.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase Biore UV Perfect Face Milk with SPF 50+ PA+++?

I definitely will, but I have to find it first. I won’t be travelling to Malaysia anytime soon. It is easily available on eBay. However, the price+shipping cost on eBay is really high and does not justify its purchase. However, if I can’t find it while travelling, I’m going to buy it from eBay.

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12 thoughts on “Biore UV Perfect Face Milk with SPF 50+ PA+++

  1. This sounds like a perfect sunscreen with the right spf too – powder finish is too good to resist for oily skin . The one my dermatologist recommended to me (some medicated one ) was so sticky – i couldnt use it for long :methinks: I seriously need something that would keep tanning in control – since i love being outdoors – thank you for the review though 🙂

    1. Hi Arja,

      this one is not sticky at all, you woudnt feel like it is bothersome to werar sunscreen.I came in to a better routine of wearing sunscreen after starting to use this one.

  2. i was told that for India SPF of 30 was fine and one does not require one of 50. heard that the firangs (if i may use that word) need the SPF 50 that true?

    1. Hi Aru,

      To prevent sundamage, spf 30 is sufficient , even for caucasian people. However, none of the SPF 30 ones reduced tanning for me .So I wanted to try this one .Additionally PA is not mentioned in the sunscreens here.I think PA decides whether we get tanned or not .Might be because Australians want to get tanned, if they cant they always get fake tan :makeup:

      If you get SPF 50 over SPF 30 you can stay out in the sun for more time without getting sunburnt thats all.

  3. great review!! May I know how do u remove the sunscreen? can this be removed with normal cleanser or required make up remover? does this break you out?
    i’m total addict of sunscreens too, never went out without it however recently i develops severe acne after trying new sunscreens.. i have combination skins >.<

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