Bridal Emergencies and Fixing Them

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A wedding day is a day, when we want everything from our clothes to the accessories or our face, to be impeccable . But, this is also the day when we are most stressed. Stress means more problems! So, let me tell you some quick beauty fixes for bridal emergencies.

Bridal Emergencies and Fixing Them

Puffy Eyes:

Puffy or baggy eyes are a very common sight amongst the would be brides because of all the late night parties and erratic schedules. You must have heard of the frozen spoon technique. This will work wonders for your puffy eyes and will rejuvenate them instantly. Place a stainless steel spoon in the freezer for half an hour. Place the spoon on your eyelids for a few minutes. Repeat the process with another chilled spoon if necessary.

Breaking of Heels:

Bridal Emergencies and Fixing Them 2

Oh yes, it can happen! Make sure you have hot glue handy in case of emergencies like these, when the heels of your sandal breaks. To avoid this issue walk at least 5-6 times in your sandals before the wedding day.

Ruined Manicure:

Bridal Emergencies and Fixing Them 6

You accidentally smudged your nail paint and do not have time to do the whole manicure again. For this situation, you must have a Q tip handy. Dip this in a nail polish remover and use it on the damaged area and not the full nail. This will smooth all the rough edges and you can apply nail paint only on this area again.

Perfume Marks:

Your wedding dress is really delicate and some perfume left a stain on the cloth. To cater to this problem just dip cotton in talcum powder and apply on the spot. The talcum will absorb the stain. Dust off the excess powder.

Yellow Stained Face:

Bridal Emergencies and Fixing Them 3

It could be because of the Haldi Rasam. Rub your face with cotton dipped in milk. This will remove the colour to a great extent.


You should never wear a virgin pair of sandals on your wedding day. You never know, what may go wrong with your new pair of sandals. It may irritate the skin at the sides of your feet. But, you cab prevent this problem by using cotton and band-aids.

Pimples and Zits:

Bridal Emergencies and Fixing Them 4

A pimple can come out of nowhere because of improper eating and lack of sleep. Just rub ice cube over the pimple and apply toothpaste containing mint. Let it rest for some time and then start applying makeup. Do not forget a concealer is your best friend at these times.

Belly Bloat:

It can happen because of all the aerated drinks you could be having prior to your wedding day. You can have green tea or peppermint tea to reduce the bloating.

Frizzy Hair:

Bridal Emergencies and Fixing Them 5

Those flyways can be really unflattering on your up-do. Use a toothbrush and your moisturizing lotion to tame them.

Do not forget to keep safety pins, a sewing kit, baby powder, toothbrush, wipes and scissors in your bridal kit apart from the usuals.

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