Brown And Pink Nail Art Tutorial

Brown And Pink Nail Art Tutorial

Hey Everybody 🙂

This is going to be super easy so everyone can give it a try
So, let’s get to the point

Things you will need:
1. Base coat
2. Black eyeliner
3. Brown shimmery/copper nail paint
4. Pink glitter eyeliner
5. Top coat
Let’s get to the tutorial
Step1-ensure your nails are properly clean and hands are well moisturized.

brown and pink nail art

Step2-apply the base coat and let it dry.


Step3-follow with the brown nail paint. Let it dry.


Taking the pink eyeliner, draw a small five petal flower near one corner of nail.


nailart 5

Step 5:
Draw another flower diagonal to at other end and outline with a black liner.


This is optional: make small dots here and there to fill up the empty spaces and one each at centre of each flower. Do this with a copper liner if you have one, or you can simply use a black liner.

nailart 7

Let it dry completely to prevent any smudging while applying the top coat.

Follow with a top coat. This will add shine and gloss to your nail.

nailart 8

This was easy and quick.
Hope you all like it; appreciate it as you always do to keep me going on.
I really appreciate all the love you people out here have given me.
Just wanted to say thank you
Have a nice day.

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19 thoughts on “Brown And Pink Nail Art Tutorial

  1. its so cute kanika :pompom: :stars: …..i am definitely going to try this out….keep on doing such tutorials i really like them :waytogo:

  2. I love the way you drew the flower so neatly!!! :methinks: I will try this sometime but not with both the brown and pink metallic.
    Thank you! 🙂

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