Burberry Brit Eau de Parfum Review

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I am glad to be back with a review on another perfume and today’s review would be on an EDP from Burberry’s ‘Brit’ collection. Read on to know how this fragrance turned out to be. Before we get into the details of this scent, a disclaimer from my end – this is not Burberry Sheer. To help you better with this, the packagings of ‘Sheer’ EDT and ‘Brit’ EDP vary; to clarify this better, this is the only EDP from the Brit collection for women. Now with that sorted, I guess we can move on.
Burberry Brit Eau de Parfum Review

USD 80 for 50 ml/1.7 fl oz


Shelf Life:
Not specified

Product Description:
A delicate, fresh scent with notes of crisp green almond, icy pear and Italian lime followed by sugared almonds and lush white peony

Top notes – A delicate, fresh scent with sharp top notes of crisp green almond, icy pear and Italian lime
Heart notes – Heart notes of sugared almonds and lush white peony add a soft sweetness
Base Notes – The scent intensifies with the warmth of amber and mahogany

My Experience with Burberry Brit Eau de Parfum:

I would like to start by saying that I am not floored by the fragrance, but I am impressed with the vintage + modern way. The words that I would majorly use to describe this scent would be ‘subtle’ yet ‘sensual’ and ‘cool’.

Burberry Brit is a scent for the modern girl of today and this frosty fragrance spells a sporty, chic girl with secret and mystical old-fashioned dreamy thoughts that she believes in. Let us move on to the fragrance description which would do justice to the above statement. Like the flattering fragrance note description, the performance is equally good. I am not exactly addicted to this fragrance but this pleasant frosty creamy scent with a pinch of citric note can make you want more of it with continual usage; in my case, it did not set in monotony.


Fragrance description:
Before we got into analyzing the notes, here is how you can know if you would like this perfume or not. If you have loved the classic Burberry Women EDP , then ‘yes’ you would surely like this one. Imagine the scent of classic Burberry with a twist of citric note to it. That’s what this scent is more likely to be like. If you like a powdery fragrance with classic woody/vanilla note that comes to dry down, then this one is sure to catch your attention. The mystery about this perfume is the enveloped citric note to it. I like how sporty and old-fashioned of a fragrance it can be at the same time.


The amber and mahogany have done justice to the perfume making the fragrance settle in a lacy elegant fashion. This fruity amber scented perfume might not be liked by all but it would make a safe gifting option for it is not heavily scented neither it is highly disturbing in any sense. It can be considered ‘boring’ to begin with; the top notes are not very impressive but as it settles down, it gets better. It is a safe frosty light scent that can be worn every day.

Before I go ‘ooh and aah’ about the thoughtful and subtle packaging that amuses me, let me tell why! This mild, all-day mature fragrance has fragrance notes that reflect its packaging if you pay keen attention to it. The cool and trendy striped bottle in black and red combination, that looks subtle, caught my eyes. I feel like the fragrance description goes to represent the airy citric notes and the toned down transition spells the simple and feminine scent to it. Every time I look at the packaging, I can spot the “I am not a girl, not yet a woman” version of myself which makes me jump a little bit. The bottle is equally travel-friendly and sturdy, so is the nozzle. If you are in between a mature crowd, the packaging would work in your favor during reapplications and the same applies for the teen crowd.


Staying power:
As much as I am impressed in finding an old-fashioned fragrance seated in a simple chic packaging in the form of a striped T-shirt, which is mythical to me, the mediocre staying power is disappointing and equally heavy on your shoulders for the price you pay. After three-plus hours, you can spot the dry notes clearly and see them slowly fade neatly in the fifth hour. Like any other scent, this one does leave traces on your outfits but that is any consolation for the low staying power.

Overall performance:
I am neither overwhelmed with my purchase nor am I disappointed. I am always glad when I explore new fragrances and this one’s performance worked in my favor, more so the tomboyish girly packaging. I am glad I tried this and since I am desperately keeping up at my expensive hobby, which is collecting perfumes, exploring them works for me except for space and money it takes. 😛 Your father, brother or your man might be happy with this one expensive perfume purchase of yours in case you like this fragrance for they would not smell like a bouquet of flowers. 😛

Although this perfume, in my opinion, does not stain outfits much like the classic one as far my memory goes (try avoiding but in case you have done it, no worries), you have nothing to fret about. This perfume also reminds of ‘Playboy Play It Rock’ as it has a mild spicy note only that I wonder where; it definitely transcends from the heart to base note which I am certain of. Having done justice to the fragrance details to my level best, the biggest advantage with Burberry Brit, in my opinion, compared to the classic ‘Burberry’ or ‘My Burberry’ are strict feminine floral fragrances.


Those fragrances cannot be shared with your partner, while this cool packed warm scent is a comfortable feminine scent that you can share with your partner especially during trips 😀 , only if you can be generous enough to share fragrances which I am highly not capable of! 😛 Another final pointer to consider before going in for this fragrance is that it would not suit all seasons, neither it is an all-purpose scent. Although it can be worn during any time of the day and this disclaimer would work for you if you are very choosy about your scents.

Pros of Burberry Brit Eau de Parfum:

• Packaging – cute, chic and travel-friendly
• Fragrance – comfortable warm and mild perfume for everyday wear
• Easy re-application
• Elegant summer and daytime perfume; can be a unisex EDP
• Not an overpowering fragrance

Cons of Burberry Brit Eau de Parfum:

• Pricey as it is not an extraordinary scent
• The mediocre staying power
• Would not impress you, if you like intense and strong scents
• Not for all occasions or all seasons

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Burberry Brit Eau de Parfum?
No, I would not purchase it as it is quite heavy on the pockets but if you are willing to spend on a high-end brand, I would support you pampering yourself with ‘Brit’, maybe during the sale.

If your wish is a mild fruity amber, woody or vanilla combined frosty fragrance, be willing to go for ‘Brit’ that is worth only a shot!

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