Chambor Flowing Lipstick Stay On Color: Garnet Rose

Chambor Flowing Lipstick Stay On Color: Garnet Rose

Chambor Flowing Lipstick Stay On Color Garnet Rose

This was another gift from a fellow lipstick addict.  Apart from the color, the fact that it’s a flowing lipstick and not a gloss or a lipstick, was a treat for a non-gloss user like me.  I don’t wear glosses because I have some mental block against them looking untidy on me 😛 but still, this is a pretty lip color and perhaps a base for my other lighter lipsticks.

I think there is another review on this shade on a pretty pink color, but somehow the packaging of the base of that one and this looks a little different to me and so does the texture.  The texture is not like those thick Faces Lip Cream, neither like the dual-ended lipsticks with gloss on one end and liquid lipstick on the other end, that sets on the lips making a thick coating on the lips, more like a paint for pigmented lips and perhaps a base for another longer lasting lipstick.

Chambor Flowing Lipstick Stay On Color Garnet Rose

I love those dual-ended lipsticks for the color, but I have never ever used the gloss end of it, which is transparent and I have some 10 such gloss ends lying with me :P.  The best part about this lipstick is that there is no gloss involved, still I get a lipstick that dries and makes a soft base unlike a thick “paint” one.

Chambor Flowing Lipstick Stay On Color Garnet Rose

The shade is a pretty red-based brown and on first look, I thought it would be a maroon on me, but it wasn’t.  Its a nice red-brown on me and looks fine after drying.  If I want, I can still use another corresponding lipstick on the coat of this flowing lipstick, something that I like to do as I am fond of thicker lipsticks.

Now, what I don’t like about this lipstick is that it can be very streaky.  In one coat, as you can see, it looks very patchy and looks like a “worn off” lipstick.  Now in two coats, it covers the lips very well and will be great for pigmented lips as well.

Chambor Flowing Lipstick Stay On Color Garnet Rose

Chambor Flowing Lipstick Stay On Color Garnet Rose

There are some things I noticed about the texture.  When not stored under the right temperature, this lipstick leaves an oily-glossy substance that comes out prior to the thick lipstick.  This lipstick can be liquid-y in consistency, as in its not like the color side of those dual-ended kind of lipsticks. The lipstick does not feel dry, flaky or cakey, but feels quite light even after it is worn in two coats. I also like it as a base.

The lipstick fades off unevenly and in a patchy pattern and it is best to keep it in check. It does not accumulate in the fine lines, but otherwise, has a very good and light feel to it.  The staying power would be around three to four hours without being patchy and if I wear a brown or red lipstick on top, it would last very long for me.  The lipstick dries to a semi matte finish but still looks soft and I remove it with a bi-phase remover.

Garnet Rose

I do find the lipstick to be a little hard to work with and will not be suitable for people who like full lips or want to wear a lip liner. Sometimes, I would go and line my lips after it has dried, but I find it hard to define my lips with this one.

Last Word on Chambor Flowing Lipstick Stay On Color:  Garnet Rose

A little patchy and streaky, not everyone will like this lipstick, but if you are on the fence about your love for lipstick and a gloss, this can be a middle ground. Feels light even after drying, but a little hard to define lips with.

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26 thoughts on “Chambor Flowing Lipstick Stay On Color: Garnet Rose

  1. another fab lip swatch Neha..!!! Awesome color but difficult to define.. I know it can happen with some lippies.. will skip this one.. though I really like Chambor products otherwise..

    Hos is chambor long lasting by the way?

  2. my mom still petrifies me by saying too much lipstick will darken my lips :((( neha but you have pink lips! so the claim must be untrue right? 😀

  3. gosh i forgot to attach the applicator’s pics im so very sorry ladies
    its a brush applicator check out on the other revu on flowing lippy

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