Clinique Superbalanced Makeup Review

Clinique Superbalanced Makeup Review


I am so thankful to Rati and Sanjeevji for steering me towards Clinique because it has completely changed the way my skin feels and its turning out better with each product.  Today, I am reviewing Clinique’s Superbalanced Foundation.  Now, the USP of this foundation is that it takes care of dry patches on the skin and at the same time, prevents skin from getting greasy, isn’t that amazing?  Read on further to know more about this product.

Product Description:

Clinique Makeup

An oil-free liquid foundation that adds moisture and subtracts oil where needed.  The smart makeup base.  Absorbs oil where oil control is needed, moisturizes where hydration is needed.  Slips onto skin easily.  Oil Free.  Shake well before using.  For combination skin types. Non-acnegenic. Streak-proof and sweat-proof.


Foundation Ingredients


Rs. 1900 for 30 ml.

My Take on Clinique Superbalanced Makeup:

I absolutely love this foundation.  Its the best I have ever used.  Its a liquid foundation that comes in a thick, sturdy, glass bottle with a steel cap.  Now, there is no pump dispenser which I would have definitely liked since its a pretty runny liquid that would have got easily dispensed through the nozzle or pump dispenser.  I shake the bottle well and use my fingers to get a bit of the foundation out.  Its a wide mouth, so one has to be careful.  When I checked, there were around 22 shades available, and I picked up the shade “Sand.”  Though this foundation is 100% fragrance free, there is some slight inevitable “foundation” fragrance that is obviously not “perfumed.”  The texture of the liquid is so awesomely smooth and lightweight, it just spreads nicely on the skin.  I do not have to hurry up to blend it in because it does not concrete up on application.  I use my fingers or sometimes a foundation brush to blend it in and it layers up so smoothly on to the skin.

Makeup Foundation 1

This foundation is for normal to oily skin, so this is not suitable for dry or very dry skin.  The coverage is sheer to medium, though one can build up.  If you have stubborn blemishes or patches, it won’t cover them up; however, slight imperfections get covered up nicely.

Makeup Foundation 3

There is no need to use a strong moisturizer underneath because this foundation has the unique quality of hydrating dry patches and then controlling oil where it is needed.  I however do use the Clinique Dramatically Different Gel because it is a nice moisturizer.  With the previous foundations I have used with the exception of Lotus Herbals Purestay Foundation, I ended up with greasy face after say 2 or 3 hours, but that’s not the case with this, it remains fresh for a long time.  Its superbly lightweight, so I don’t feel as if a heavy base is layered on my face.  It does not cake up on my skin.

Makeup Foundation 4

Makeup Foundation 5

Another feature is that this makeup does not oxidize too much, it does not turn orange or any other color drastically, just like Lotus Herbals Purestay Foundation.  There are no shimmer or glitters in here.  I don’t wear it with a primer, but even then it does stay for long hours; however, I did notice that it gets transferred to my phone, so setting it up with powder or compact is advised.

Makeup Foundation 6

Makeup Foundation 7

Yay, it did not break me out.  Just to test it, I wore it in a patch on my skin and kept it overnight, there were no breakouts the next day! There is no SPF in this foundation; however, I do not think that’s a con.  I just feel SPF in foundations are additional baggage and impart a whitish cast.  I would rather want that the foundation remains clean.

Office goers can use this for daily makeup because it does not look heavy and gives a smooth finish.

Makeup Foundation 8

I love this foundation and would repurchase it once its over, its that good.

Summing up the pros and cons of Clinique Superbalanced Makeup:

Pros of Clinique Superbalanced Makeup:

  • Unique formula that adds moisture and controls oil on the skin as appropriate.
  • Extremely lightweight foundation with smooth texture that blends into the skin well.
  • Provides sheer to medium coverage.
  • Fragrance free, though still there is still some kind of “un-perfumed” fragrance.
  • Does not cake up.
  • Does not oxidize greatly, hence makeup stays fresh for a long time.
  • Does not make skin greasy.
  • Does not break oily skin out.
  • No need for heavy moisturization because this foundation itself takes care of dry patches.
  • Good for regular office makeup.
  • No SPF,  hence no whitish cast.
  • Available in 22 or more shades.
  • No shimmer or glitter.

Cons of Clinique Superbalanced Makeup:

  • Expensive, MAC foundations cost a little less.
  • Does not provide heavy coverage.
  • No pump dispenser or nozzle even though this is a liquid foundation.
  • No SPF, not a con for me.
  • Formulated for normal to oily skin, so not suitable for dry or very dry skin.

Will I Repurchase Clinique Superbalanced Makeup?

Yes, along with Lotus Herbals Purestay, this is one foundation, that I am going to repurchase.

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51 thoughts on “Clinique Superbalanced Makeup Review

    1. Hi Aarthi…..ayyo….but it didn’t oxidize on me that much. Actually, you should try Lotus Purestay foundation then, its damn good and does not oxidize 🙂

      1. Thanx for d recco chechi 🙂 gonna get lotus purestay soon 🙂 and you shud also chek the inglot ysm cream foundi chechi coz my skin is truly lik yours and ysm was very light and great on skin <3

  1. Whoa! Really detailed review, Jomol! Clinique SuperFit used to be my HG foundation, but then they discontinued it :@! I’ve always admired SuperBalanced’s glass bottles from afar, but never tried it. I didn’t know it worked so well (no breakouts overnight!?), gotta try it out now 🙂

    1. Devie….you should def try it. You know my skin breaks out with with every product, but not with this one 🙂 BTW, I read your superfit’s review this morning, I don;t know how I missed it earlier 🙂

  2. jomol, nalla reviewaanu.. 🙂
    i keep buying foundations and it doesnt get over at all and now wen i see my dresser shelf, i feel guilty..for spending too much on stuffs that i already have…

  3. Kya review hai Jomo.. I think its worth the money. I have been wanting to buy a foundation for a very longgg time but online kaise purchase karoon yehi doubt hai. as in foundation mein toh color matching bhi chahiye na.. 🙁

    btw, did you buy it online? and haan meri post?

    1. Surabhi……online mat purchase karo, even in store, I had to spend a lot of time to get the correct shade. I didn’t buy it online 🙂

  4. Hi, awesome review Jomol. I’m following IMMB since last year but whenever I comment here,it goes into moderation and vanishes. Writing this one with “hopes” that atleast this will be published and I can join your gang. 🙂

  5. Nice! Someone’s doing a major Clinique haul I see! 😀
    Great great review, this does look promising. BTW which foundation brush do you use?
    I am at crossroads between using damp sponges and brushes. I really dont know which ones will be better for a dewy and natural look.

    1. Shruti, thankoo thankoo…I use the Oriflame brush, its good. I have seen youtubers use damp sponge, but I haven’t started using those. For dewy looks, sponges are better 🙂

  6. Sounds so awesome! I want a new foundation for summer everyday use.. Wud this b gud for apne hyd ke summers or th purestay 1 or any odr u’d suggest? My skin is normal to dry but with intense summers it sweats a lot.. I do stay indoors in ac mostly in th daytime but hav a million errands to run toh exposure to heat n sun toh hota hai.. N u knw how it gets here.. Mac studio fix liquid is too heavy n not for summer use, revlon photoready is gud for every now but dunno how it’l b in summers..

    1. Nafisa…….this would be great for summers i think because of the oil control. purestay one is also good. Haan, mooze bhi 1000 times bike par ghoomna padta hai, try the purestay one first, its lightweight like this and does not very greasy 🙂

  7. Im using estee lauder invisible now,…will definitely check this out …..What is your shade in MAC? just to get an idea on MAC to Clinique conversion as the whole range might not be available in AUS especially for dusky tones

  8. NIce helpful review J 🙂 .. this one seems to be promising 🙂 .. i hav never tried clinique’s makeup 🙂 as i hav combo skin 🙂 and its oil and fragrance free .. yeeh good 🙂

    1. Preethi…..Purestay one is also good, but there are limited shades…..if you find your shade, you are lucky 🙂 I have heard some people broke out with whipped cream, try it at the counter, go home, and if it doesn’t break you out, get it 🙂

  9. This looks great Jomoleee 🙂 🙂 I must try this when I have enough money to spurlge..But investing in good foundations, primers and skin care products is worth every penny, isn’t it?

  10. awww jomo it sounds such an awesome foundation. i’d def give it a try. :)) and i want to burst that bubble on top of the bottle. 😀 so happy you are enjoying clinique stuff jomo :-*

    1. I am absolutely LOVING the clinique stuff Rati…thanks :* I shook well and waited for the bubble to form to click the fotu :* I felt like Einstein doing that.

  11. FOTD evide??? thought we’d finally get to c u coz u wer reviewing a base 🙁 i used to like clinique anti blemish solns makeup but after a while it started drying out my skin-n yeah dat one also transferred to my phone….mayb all their bases need to be set with powder!! now thinking of giving this a try and with 22 shades i think il get the perfect match 🙂

    1. Sophia….I have heard their acne blemish one dries up skin, but this one is good. I am going to test the Even Better one also. Yes, setting up with foundation is must for this 🙂

  12. Jomo awesome review!!! I love Clinique products. The anti-blemish range, including the foundation helped me a lot with my acne. 😀 I love their loose powder also, and their makeup is superb for sensitive skins 😀 😀
    Now am using MAC studio Fix fluid foundie (loving it), I’d love to try this one next 🙂

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