Coloressence Gold Pore Refiner Satin Smooth Base Review

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Today, I am reviewing a pore-refining primer from Coloressence. My experience with primers is limited and I have tried only 3 drugstore brands till date, but I have used Coloressence Pre Makeup Base previously and have quite appreciated its results. My skin type is oily, dull and uneven, and over the years, I have realized that a primer can transform my skin. Let’s jump into the review of this promising primer!

Coloressence Gold Pore Refiner Satin Smooth Base outer packaging

INR 650
Product Description:
Coloressence Pore Refiner Pre Makeup Base is a special make-up pre base that makes your make-up truly flawless in one application. It will not only create a perfect canvas to paint a flawless look, but it will also help it last all day.

Coloressence Gold Pore Refiner Satin Smooth Base product description

My Experience with Coloressence Gold Pore Refiner Satin Smooth Base:

Packaging: The Coloressence Gold range looks quite luxe. I have used the Camera Ready Mascara too. All the products come in shiny, gold packaging. This primer comes in a sleek tube, encased in a cardboard box. It has a nozzle which lets out a small quantity of product instead of a big gloopy mess. The product details are mentioned both on the tube and box. I like the pretty and travel-friendly packaging.

Coloressence Gold Pore Refiner Satin Smooth Base open

The primer is a pale yellow in color, instead of completely transparent. I have used it both on moisturised and non-moisturised skin and like effects both the ways. It instantly brightens my skins and gives it a smooth, luminous finish. My skin feels very soft and even.

Coloressence Gold Pore Refiner Satin Smooth Base tube

The finish is not matte, rather slightly glowing and dewy. That’s why I can use it on non-moisturised skin too. My skin is oily, and this blends seamlessly on my skin making it lustrous and ready for top layers. It doesn’t cling to dry patches and feel tacky or uncomfortable on skin.

Coloressence Gold Pore Refiner Satin Smooth Base cap

While it does help in covering pores, I feel that is not its best property. There are other primers which help a great deal more if you have large open pores. This is perfect for me (even though I do have large pores on my nose) as it brightens my skin and preps it up for any base. My skin looks so good even when I have applied just a BB cream. My BB cream sits so well with this underneath.

Coloressence Gold Pore Refiner Satin Smooth Base swatch

It does increase the lasting power of my makeup. I live in a hot and humid city, and my daily makeup consists of bare necessities like sunscreen, BB cream and an oil-control powder. This does tend to add a couple of hours even to mediocre performers. It isn’t great in controlling oil, but prevents sweat and oiliness from melting your makeup. It is a good primer, especially for the price. A little product goes a long way and I feel it’s a value for money.

Pros of Coloressence Gold Pore Refiner Satin Smooth Base:

  • Sleek and attractive packaging.
  • Value for money.
  • Availability and affordable.
  • Gives a soft, glowing look.
  • Doesn’t feel tacky.
  • Makes skin smooth and even.
  • Increases longevity of makeup.
  • Blends easily.

Cons of Coloressence Gold Pore Refiner Satin Smooth Base:

  • Not great in reducing appearance of pores.
  • Not matte (not a con for me).
  • Doesn’t control oil very well.

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Coloressence Gold Pore Refiner Satin Smooth Base?
Yes, I really like it, will repurchase.
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