Coloressence Nail Color Remover Review

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Hope you are having a wonderful time. Today I have a nail polish remover to review. Gone are the days when Lakme Nail Polish Remover was the only option in the market. It’s heartening to see so many brands coming up with new nail enamel removers. I prefer keeping a few nail polish removers handy, so you will always find Colorbar Nail Enamel Remover and a couple of others in my stash! Coloressence is known for its very economical products, hence I got Coloressence Nail Color Remover! Let’s see how it fared.
Coloressence Nail Color Remover Review

INR 65 for 50 ml

Product Description:
Helps remove nail color. It is enriched with vitamin E and mineral oil that does not dry out nails.

There is nothing much to write about the packaging. It comes in a plastic bottle with a screw on cap. The nail paint remover is pink in color, so you can see the amount of liquid left as the bottle is transparent. It is pretty sturdy and travel-friendly, but feels cheap as compared to glass bottles of other brands.

My Experience with Coloressence Nail Color Remover:

Coloressence claims that this product doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. I assume they’re referring to acetone or its derivatives which dry out nails and make them brittle. But the ingredients list mentions only Vitamin E and Mineral Oil, neither of which can be sufficient to remove nail paint (I assume). So I feel they haven’t given the complete ingredients list.


Coming to the performance, I must say I am impressed. Honestly I didn’t expect much. I could very easily remove 2 coats of nail polish, without much hassle. If you see the pictures, the amount of the remover in the cotton swab was enough to remove the glittery nail paint from 5 nails. I detest it when I end up using half bottle of nail polish remover in getting rid of my nail paint at a time. So it was a great thing that I had to use quite less amount to clean my nails.


The best part was that it didn’t feel drying or cause any tingling sensation. No whitish cast was left on my nails or fingertips, there was no itchiness and absolutely no dryness. It’s gentle on nails and, being enriched with Vitamin E, you can feel that your nails & cuticles are not parched and dehydrated, as happens with many other products.


Very gritty and sparkly nail paints require greater effort to get removed, but that is the case with most nail enamel removers. Overall, I am happy with this. The missing ingredient list bugs me a little but I am okay as it does its job well.


Pros of Coloressence Nail Color Remover:

• Affordable
• Non-drying, enriched with Vitamin E
• Claims to be free from harmful ingredients
Removes nail paints effectively with less amount of product
• Travel-friendly and convenient packaging

Cons of Coloressence Nail Color Remover:

• Missing ingredients list
• Plastic bottle
• Doesn’t remove gritty nail paints easily

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Coloressence Nail Color Remover?

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