How To Cure Bad Breath Permanently

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I’m back with another post and today we would be talking about how to cure bad breath permanently. Bad breath can be an embarrassing issue not only for women but for everyone. Everyone loves to smell good especially when it comes to the mouth. Bad breath can not only make you feel under confident but also ruins your overall appearance. Bad breath can be easily be cured by avoiding ingredients like garlic, onions etc. by flossing everyday and opting for some easy home remedies.
So, here are some easy ways to cure bad breath permanently.

How To Cure Bad Breath Permanently

1. Brushing Teeth Regularly And Properly:

Brushing teeth is the most important and basic step to prevent bad breath. Due to food particles left behind between the teeth, it can leave you with bad breath. So in order to prevent the bacteria breeding, you should be brushing twice a day. You should make sure that you brush your gums and tongue as well. If done properly, brushing will take just 15 minutes.

2. Use Mouthwash Every Day:

You should be using mouth wash every day in order to keep your mouth clean and germ-free. Most mouth washes contain chlorine dioxide which helps to kill the bacteria, thus preventing the release of a foul odor from the mouth. Luckily, swishing mouth wash can help to kill the bacteria and also keep your mouth healthy.

Using Mouthwash to Cure Bad Breath

3. Use Chewing Gum:

Using chewing gum is another brilliant way to get rid of the bad breath permanently. Using chewing gum can help to increase the flow of saliva in the mouth which in turn helps to flush out the bacteria. You should avoid using chewing gums with sugar as sugar ferments the bacteria thus leading to a worse condition. In the same way, you should avoid consuming drinks with sugar in it.

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4. Cut Down On Coffee Or Tea:

Another quick way to cure bad breath is by cutting down on tea or coffee. The chemicals present in the coffee can create a favorable condition inside the mouth for bacteria to breed. Once the breeding takes place, it results in a release of pungent smell from the mouth. Even if you are drinking these beverages, you should rinse your mouth with water afterward. Do not brush your teeth immediately, as it can lead to abrasion.

Tea and Coffee

5. Chew Some Parsley:

Chewing some parsley is another way to cure bad breath permanently. Parsley is known as the mother of herbs which helps to get rid of the bad breath quickly. Chewing fresh parsley can help to clean the mouth thus eliminating the risk of bad breath from mouth. It keeps your mouth hydrated and fresh throughout the day.

6. Prevent Dry Mouth Condition:

Keeping your mouth dry can lead to bad breath as it allows the bacteria to breed inside the mouth. A dry mouth is a stinky mouth and hence you should always keep it moisturized and hydrated. Keeping saliva in your mouth can not only help to kill the bacteria but also keep your mouth hydrated, thus preventing bad breath permanently. Saliva also helps to wash off the dirt and food particles away from the mouth. So, one easy way to keep your mouth moisturized and hydrated is by drinking lots of water.

Brushing Teeth Regularly to Keep Bad Breath Away

7. Change Your Diet:

Diet plays the most important role while curing bad breath permanently. Your body absorbs the odor of the food you eat and hence consuming foods with pungent smell can ultimately lead to bad breath. You should stay away from food items like garlic, leeks, onion etc. Even flossing your teeth after consuming these items won’t eliminate the odor easily and hence you should try to avoid them as much as possible. The pungent odor enters into the blood stream which then gets released from the body in the form of bad odor.

8. Keep Changing Your Brush:

You should keep changing your toothbrush every two months. There are chances bacteria gets settled on the surface of the brush which gets ultimately transferred to your mouth leading to bad breath. You should ideally keep your toothbrush dry and also change it in every two months.

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