Difference Between Eye Serum and Eye Cream

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We all know how important it is to take extra care of our delicate eye area. It’s the one area which shows earliest signs of ageing. Be it lifestyle disorders or genetics, eye region is prone to dullness, wrinkles and sagging. To prevent premature ageing and ease the woes of unhealthy habits, investing in a good eye care product is necessary. Now we are often faced with the difficult choice of buying an eye cream or eye serum. A handful of us would know what the differences are between these sibling products. In this post, I will spell out the key differences between an eye serum and eye cream that would help you in making an informed choice for yourself. Also, check out the options I have recommended that will definitely help you with fatigued eyes, dark circles and crows’ feet.

Difference Between Eye Serum and Eye Cream

Consistency and Texture:

Although the differences between these are not very clearly demarcated, the key one might be the texture. An eye cream as the name suggests is a cream or lotion. On the other hand, an eye serum has no defined consistency- it can be a gel, a clear runny fluid and so on. It is lighter in texture and is usually the first step of care (in case you decide to follow up with a cream). Both are meant to be non-greasy and lightweight in texture.

Benefits and Uses:

Both are mainly used for brightening the undereye and for preventing signs of ageing. The serum has potent ingredients for targeted benefits, especially for those with ageing concerns. An eye serum nourishes, improves dark circles and fights the wrinkles. An eye cream is primarily used for moisturizing and hydrating the area. So while an eye cream is meant to replenish the moisture, an eye serum is like added vitamins and antioxidants for the skin.


Active Ingredients:

If you carefully read the labels of your skincare products, you will notice that the ingredients in eye cream and serum differ considerably. The active ingredients in an eye serum are very potent and mainly meant to fight free radicals and counter ageing.

Two potent ingredients in eye serum are:

• Hyaluronic Acid: A very effective substance in an eye serum which soaks up moisture. It fattens the skin which fills the wrinkles and the lines, thereby giving a very plumped nourished look.

• Retinol: This is Vitamin A derivative is meant to stimulate the production of collagen. It boosts the cell turnover of the skin, promoting radiance and banishing dullness.

The ingredients in an eye cream are mainly targeted at soothing the eyes, curbing puffiness and hydrating the area.

• Vitamin E: It moisturizes and smoothens the eye area, helps in the reduction of wrinkles and lines. It also protects the skin from radical and UV damage.

• Chamomile Extract: It helps in calming and soothing the skin.

• Caffeine: It is an amazing ingredient to deal with puffiness and dullness. It brightens up the area, reducing dark circles and tones up the skin.

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IMBB Recommendations:

Eye Serum: Kaya Brightening and Firming Intense Clarify HD Eye Serum, Colorbar Hydra White Intense Whitening Hydrating Under-Eye Serum, Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Eye Serum, Drunk Elephant Shaba Complex Eye Serum.


Eye cream: Himalaya Youth Eternity Under Eye Cream, Boots Simply Sensitive Hydrating Eye Cream, FabIndia Organic Under Eye Cream, Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Eye Cream, Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Eye Cream.

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