10 Makeup Rules to Conceal Dark Circles

By Gurmeet Kaur

Hey, Lovelies!

What do you see when you watch yourself in the mirror? Do those under eye bags and dark circles stare back at you and scare you? If the answers to the above questions are yes, you have landed at a perfect piece of writing for yourself. Today, I have compiled a list of ways which you can use to cover up your dark circles. Adhering to this list, you may also find a soothing way to heal them.

10 Makeup Rules to Conceal Dark Circles

Read on and add the much-needed hint of perfection to your personality by bidding an adieu to your dark circles!

1. No Single Formula!

Dear ladies, there are a lot of ways to hide your dark circles. But, there are different types of dark circles and each of it demands a different method to cover it up. If you are unaware of this, you would probably end in covering up all the flaws in one way and it will not give you the desired results.
• Reddish under eye circles: These type of dark circles have a hint of violet or purple undertones mixed with a reddish darkened skin.
• Bluish under eye circles: Sometimes, the bluish tone of such type of dark circles make them look like bruises. That is why it becomes even more essential to cover them up.
• Dark shadowy under eye circles: These are quite appalling and make you look sleep deprived with a dried and cracked under eye skin.
• Brownish black under eye circles: These are an alarming sign of deteriorating heath and should be taken very seriously.
So, first analyse what kind of dark circles you have before proceeding with the method of covering them up.

10 Makeup Rules to Conceal Dark Circles3

2. Dark Circles vs Puffiness:

Puffiness under the eyes worsens the process of covering up because the way to cover up dark circles is different when compared to the method involved in covering up the puffiness.
If you want to know how to deal with puffiness, these points can come in handy:
• Use a darker toned concealer if there is puffiness present in the under eye area.
• As the puffiness is actually a swollen area under your eyes, it is highly recommended to play with shadows and make the skin look even.
• Use anti-inflammatory under eye creams on your eyelids.

3. ROY – Your Best Friend!

Although the only Roy which is buzzed over these days is Mouni Roy, the ROY which I’m mentioning here is going to help you really well in covering up the dreadful under eye circles. The best part about ROY is that it can cover all levels of darkness ranging from mild to extremely severe. So, what is ROY?
ROY: Red-Orange-Yellow!
• Red: Red lipsticks have proved to be extremely efficient in covering up blackish and brownish dark circles. When applied under a concealer, it perfectly creates an even coverage for the darkened under eye skin.
• Orange: Concealers, when applied over a layer of orange lipsticks help in covering the under eye darkened skin and other blemishes.
• Yellow: Concealers with yellow undertones make it really easy to cover up the mild dark circles and under eye bags.

10 Makeup Rules to Conceal Dark Circles5

4. Foundation First!

Make it your thumb rule ladies! If you have got heavy dark circles, prefer using your foundation before using a concealer. Although using your foundation before a concealer has always been debatable, but these points can help you in sorting out the confusion:
• Using a good foundation first provides you with a primary level of coverage.
• If you use foundation first, it will help you in applying the right amount of concealer as the basic coverage is already provided by the foundation.
• If you create an even texture, there are lesser chances of creating a cakey look.

5. Choose the Right Concealer!

Do you know how crucial it is to use a right concealer? A wrong concealer can destroy your look and make you look worse. Sometimes, we fall prey to insufficient knowledge and end up choosing a wrong concealer. Here, I have listed a few quick tips to help you in choosing the right concealer.
Concealers with a creamy texture can be used if you have fine lines under your eyes along with the dark circles.
• A heavy concealer should be used over the creamy concealers so that the heavy concealer doesn’t settle into the fine lines.

10 Makeup Rules to Conceal Dark Circles6

6. The Application is the Key:

Sometimes we are not able to achieve a perfect makeup look even with the best of products. It happens because we don’t pay attention to the application method. A mismatch of a complementary applicator puts all our efforts of getting a perfect look in vain. Here is an easy-peasy list to let you know if you are doing it right:
• Always try to apply your makeup in natural lighting. (as much as possible)
• Do not apply your concealer on the extreme inner or outer corners of your eyes.
• While using brushes, use gentle strokes to apply the concealer. Avoid using double strokes.
• Use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to blend the concealer under your eyes.

10 Makeup Rules to Conceal Dark Circles1

7. Set it Right:

Translucent setting powders are a very helpful makeup product when it comes to covering up dark circles. Here is how it helps us:
• It provides your under eye makeup with the best possible touch of finish.
• It holds the concealer right where you have applied it.
• Dusting a very small quantity is sufficient to let your makeup stay in place throughout the day.
• It is a better substitute for mineral powder which tends to crease onto the fine lines of your face.

10 Makeup Rules to Conceal Dark Circles7

8. How to Avoid Caking:

Caking is a nightmare for an elite makeup look. It gives you a shabby and product-laden look which prevents you from looking elegant. So, how to save yourself from it? These points may surely help you:
• Do not go overboard while applying concealers.
• Use good quality brushes and blend the product well.
• Do not use heavy concealers on the inner and outer corners of your eyes.
• After applying a product, allow it to settle, but don’t let it dry.
• If you spot a cakey build up: Use a thin brush dipped in a mild lotion and apply it to the build up to soften it, then clean it gently with a cotton swab or a Q-tip.

9. Cold Compression:

If you have a little time before starting off with your face makeup, opt for a cold compression. Wondering how to do do it? Here are the steps:
• Take a sterilised washcloth or a sterilised steel spoon.
• Keep it in the freezer for around 10 minutes.
• Take it out and keep it under your eyes for 5 minutes.
• It will keep your under eye skin fresher and better.
Cold compression is a technique that gives your under eye skin an instant shot of freshness. Make it a habit of doing it every time before applying your makeup as it will help in reducing the dark circles effectively.

10. A Healthy Lifestyle:

Too much stress and improper skin care will show its side effects through pigmentation, discolouring of under eye area and lack of glow on your skin. If you think a healthy lifestyle has got nothing to do with your dark circles, you are wrong. Here are a few changes that can help you to get rid of the dark circles in the long run.
• Wake up early and opt for a walk or workout.
• Avoid using mobile phones or other screens on high brightness right before going to sleep.
• Use an eye cream regularly.
• Sleep properly.
• Wash your eyes with cold water after every six hours.
• Avoid staying under stress.

10 Makeup Rules to Conceal Dark Circles4

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