DIY All-Natural Cool Mint Scrub for Soft Lips in Summer

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Today, I am here with a lip scrub that smells super yummy, at least for me. Well, no matter what the season is, my lips are dry all over the year. Especially in summer, a lot of dead skin cells get accumulated over the lips that needed to be sloughed off with a gentle scrub. I use this lip scrub whenever I feel the need, and it does the work quite efficiently while making my lips feel refreshed. Thus, let’s read further to know the recipe.

DIY All-Natural Cool Mint Scrub for Soft Lips in Summer9

Ingredients and their Benefits:

DIY All-Natural Cool Mint Scrub for Soft Lips in Summer2

1. Coffee:

The caffeine present in the coffee helps in improving the blood circulation. It helps in making the lips nourished and plump. Not to mention, improved blood circulation leads to good transfer of nutrients. Hence, coffee can make your lips look healthier and radiant.

2. Cocoa:

Cocoa has nourishing and antioxidant properties. It makes lips plump and reduces the fine line appearance. The nutrients present in cocoa, form a protective layer over the lips that helps in retaining the moisture within. Also, the vitamins and minerals in the cocoa make your lips healthy and soft.

3. Mint leaves:

Mint leaves are quite popular for treating the pigmentation on the lips. They work well in lightening the dark patches over the lips effectively. Aside from this, mint leaves also tone up the lips and keep them hydrated.

4. Sugar:

Sugar is a great exfoliator and it can slough off dead cells very easily. It provides moisture to the lips and makes them softer and pinker.

5. Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is a wonder ingredient for dry and chapped lips. I have a bad habit of constantly licking my lips that make them super dry. It is quite potent in moisture capability and softens the dry and flaky lips. Coconut oil has fatty acids that moisturise the lips very well while making it plump and radiant.

6. Almond oil:

Almond oil rejuvenates the skin cells and treats any dryness on the lips. Also, it is rich in vitamin content that makes the lips soft and pink.

How to Make:

Step 1: Take equal amount of coconut oil and sweet almond oil. I took 2 tablespoons of each.

DIY All-Natural Cool Mint Scrub for Soft Lips in Summer4

Step 2: Take 8-10 mint leaves and mince them properly. Now, dip them completely in the prepared oil mixture. Keep in mind that the leaves must be completely immersed in the oil.

DIY All-Natural Cool Mint Scrub for Soft Lips in Summer5

Step 3: Cover the bowl with a tissue paper and store it in a dark and warm place. Let it infuse for at least 24 hours. I forgot mine to use, and it remained in the cupboard for 3 days. You can keep it as much longer you want. But, do regularly check the concoction for any mould formation. After 24 hours, you can strain the oil to separate the mint leaves or can use the oil with the mint leaves.

DIY All-Natural Cool Mint Scrub for Soft Lips in Summer6

Step 4: Take 3-4 tablespoons of sugar. You may use brown sugar as well. Add equal quantities of cocoa powder and coffee. I have taken one tablespoon of each. Mix them well.

DIY All-Natural Cool Mint Scrub for Soft Lips in Summer7

Step 5: Pour the oil concoction infused with mint leaves over the sugar-cocoa-coffee mixture. Give a good mix to it and your lip scrub is ready.

DIY All-Natural Cool Mint Scrub for Soft Lips in Summer8

How to Use:

DIY All-Natural Cool Mint Scrub for Soft Lips in Summer1

Step 1: Apply the lip scrub and let it sit for a minute.
Step 2: Later, massage lightly in circular motions for a minute or so. You can use your fingers to do so or take the help of a toothbrush as well.
Step 3: Wash off your lips, or wipe them off with a soft damp cloth.
Step 4: Follow up with a lip balm to keep your lips super soft and nourished.


• If you feel any irritation after using this scrub, then discontinue the usage.
• You can use this lip scrub on a daily basis too.
• You can alter/reduce the ingredients according to your choice.
• If you are going to use a toothbrush, keep in mind to use the one with soft bristles.
• Store the lip scrub in an airtight container.

DIY All-Natural Cool Mint Scrub for Soft Lips in Summer

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