DIY Eye Lash Gel for Long and Healthy Lashes

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Today I am going to share an easy DIY recipe for longer and healthier eye lashes. Currently the condition of my lashes is very poor and they become extremely thin due to an infection. Since over a month I have been suffering from a horrible eye infection and still I can’t apply my mascara and eye shadows and falsies too. Due to that infection my lashes lost their volume. As my condition is quite better now, I am using this miracle lash gel for them to grow and it actually works. It is totally safe for eyes and my doctor also recommended me to apply vitamin E and castor oil on my lashes. Read on to know more about this.

DIY- Eye Lash Gel For Long & Healthy Lashes 1


DIY- Eye Lash Gel For Long & Healthy Lashes 2

• Almond Oil: Almond Oil is rich of fatty acid and Vit E and both the ingredients are great for hair. Almond oil nourishes and strengthens the lashes, and it is powerful to treat hair loss and lash breakage. It improves the poor texture of lashes and provides that desire volume to promote growth.

• Castor Oil: Castor oil is the ultimate solution for longer and bigger eye lashes. It is optimal for faster growth and longer lashes. It makes lashes thick and dark.

• Vitamin E: Vitamin E keeps lashes healthy and makes them strong. It is a great ingredient to promote hair growth. It makes lashes shiny and glossy. It also reduce hair fall to a great extent.

• Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera provides that desire hydration to lashes and prevents breakage. It actually helps to grow lashes long and makes them healthy.


DIY- Eye Lash Gel For Long & Healthy Lashes 3

1. Take ½ spoon of almond oil in a bowl and add 10 drops of castor oil into that oil.

DIY- Eye Lash Gel For Long & Healthy Lashes 4

2. Now take a Vitamin E capsule and extract the inner gel of that capsule. Add the whole gel into that bowl. Mix all the ingredients nicely.

DIY- Eye Lash Gel For Long & Healthy Lashes 5

3. Now take a fresh Aloe Vera and cut into two small slices. Cut off the outer layer and mix the inner gel in blender. Prepare a thick jelly like smooth gel.

DIY- Eye Lash Gel For Long & Healthy Lashes 6

4. After that add the whole gel with pre-prepared oil and combine them smoothly until they dissolve together properly.

5. Your eye lash gel is ready to use now.


DIY- Eye Lash Gel For Long & Healthy Lashes 7

Take a normal spoolie and dip that in the bowl. Now with the help of the spoolie apply this gel on your lashes smoothly and make sure the gel is not too thin, otherwise it will go into the eyes. So be careful about this. You can keep it for overnight or leave this for 1hr and then wipe all the oil nicely from lashes.


Using Castor oil or vitamin E on lashes is very common and I love to use this DIY lash gel which works well on my lashes. I am using this for 2 weeks and I can see the result now. It doesn’t have any side effects. This gel helps to grow my lashes faster and my lashes look healthy now. It controls the breakage of my lashes and helps to grow new lashes. It adds that lost volume to my lashes, my lashes are thick now. This gel makes my lashes shiny and it enhances the beauty of long lashes. I hope you enjoy this quick DIY recipe and try this to make your eye lashes beautiful.

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