Nature’s Essence Fruit Fun Skin Lightening Moisturizing Cream Review

Skin type: oily and sensitive

Hi beauties!
I recently bought many things from Nature’s Essence as the local shop recently stocked up on new products. This was a part of the shopping I did, and today I will review this Nature’s Essence Fruit Fun Skin Lightening Moisturizing Cream.
Nature’s Essence Fruit Fun Skin Lightening Moisturizing Cream Review

Product Description:
Fruit nutrient enriched nourishing cream repairs the skin, provides healthy & youthful appearance and makes it vibrant. It protects skin against environmental damages. Alpha Hydroxy Acids help to prevent ageing and dryness.

INR 55 for 100g


This cream comes in small yellow tub with a screw on cap. The cap can be screwed on tightly thus eliminating the risk of accidental opening and spillage of products. The tub packaging seems very cheap and unhygienic to me, but I make it a point to dip only clean fingers or use a spatula to scoop out the cream. Also, the product details are printed in white on the yellow body, hence it is difficult to read and photograph them.

My Experience with Nature’s Essence Fruit Fun Skin Lightening Moisturizing Cream:


The baby pink cream claims to be enriched with extracts of apple, lemon and strawberry. All three are excellent for evening out the skin tone and lending a polished glow. The cream has a strong scent, but not distinctive of any fruit. It is a very artificial and common smell (many cold creams has this smell). The smell gives the product a cheap feel.

The cream is quite thick and buttery. In fact, the thick and rich consistency makes it an ideal moisturizing cream. I have oily skin, so this kind of heavy nourishment is not my cup of tea, but my mother’s dry, mature skin loves it. To think, this is a cream which hardly costs anything ( 55 rupees!) manages to moisturize a perennially dry skin and keep it soft and supple for more than 8 hours! Yes, exactly this is what this little kiddo did.


The cream undoubtedly feels greasy and takes time to get absorbed, but given the penetrating property you can easily massage this for 5 minutes before bedtime. My skin reacts badly to anything which resembles a cream, and I was surprised that even while I was trying this out for two days, I didn’t notice a single zit popping out. I live in a humid and hot place, and summers spell doom for me. To think that I applied a heavy cream and left it on for like 6 hours sounded like a huge mistake. But greasy as it was, it took around an hour to get absorbed, and after that I could feel the heaviness on my skin. But my skin felt so soft and supple, and I could feel the smoothness even after a day.

This is a rich night cream, best suited for dry skin. I won’t say it lightened complexion (I personally don’t advocate the use of skin lightening products), but after consistent usage of a week, the dullness and summer tan reduces. I am using it on elbows and knees which are darker and need long lasting nourishment, and so far the effects have been very good. I am extremely happy with this as this serves well as an intensive skin care cream plus provides the right dose of moisturization to my parched knees and elbows. I hope Nature’s Essence improves the packaging and adds some lovely scent; it can surely give body butters or nourishing creams a good competition.


Pros of Nature’s Essence Fruit Fun Skin Lightening Moisturizing Cream:

• Cheap
• Buttery rich texture
• Boon for dry skin
• Gives soft and supple skin
• Skin looks fresh and even
• Keep skin moisturized for long

Cons of Nature’s Essence Fruit Fun Skin Lightening Moisturizing Cream:

• Not for oily skin
• Takes time to get absorbed
• Feels greasy for some time
• Very cheap smell
• Packaging looks dull and cheap

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Nature’s Essence Fruit Fun Skin Lightening Moisturizing Cream?
Yes for dry skin! And I am getting this in winters again.

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