Do It Yourself: How To Make a Studded Leather Clutch

Do It Yourself:  How To Make a Studded Leather Clutch

Hello everybody,

I visited the Forever21 store in Oberoi Mall the other day. Well, it was their grand opening day and they were giving out a special gift to the first 300 customers.  So, guess who was one of the lucky 300?? *woot*  I must say the opening was great, we walked into the store with all this music playing for us and it was like a mini catwalk from the entrance to the racks of amazing clothes! And we saw Shraddha Kapoor. Damn she is BEAUTIFUL 😀 Now, coming to the gift, I was expecting something like a discount coupon or maybe free shopping 😛 (well that’s too much to ask for). They handed us these leather clutches – plain, black.  Not that they were bad, it was just too plain and I couldn’t think of where to carry it to – “Maybe to the sabji mandi” mom said : /


So, I figured I would better do something and make it better! So, I converted it into a black gothic style cross body. I wanted to share with you how I did it.  You all can style your plain clutches in a similar fashion.


Collect all the things you need.  You will need:

Black Leather clutch

How to make Studded Leather clutch

  • A plain clutch.
  • Studs/earrings/bracelet/anything you want to attach to your clutch (I got my studs from Something Special – Bandra)/
  • Chains (I got mine from Something Special –Bandra).
  • Feviquick/Fabric glue.
  • This is the Forever21 clutch I got.

Forever 21 black clutch

Now, stitch your chain into the inner side or partition of the clutch, I stitched it to the partition because that way I can hide the chain by just pushing it into the clutch and then viola; crossbody is now a studded clutch *haanji*. The result of the stitching is shown in picture 4.

Studded black leather clutch

Your bag should look something like this.

after chain(pic 5)

Now, stick the studs using Feviquick/fabric glue as shown in the pictures (I would suggest using a proper glue for leather clutches, Feviquick kind of came off in a day or two). You can stitch your studs too, but then make sure you are good at it because it will show on the bag.

Here are different ways in which you can stick/stitch your studs. You can also attach your old bracelet (golden one from the pictures), even old earrings, you can pierce it through the bag.

sticking studs(pic 6)

This is how my bag turned out! 😀 my Beige bag now has a black friend( in a non-racist way) 😛

Black clutch

It took me hardly half an hour to make it. The stitching part took most of my time; it’s a little tricky, at least for me.

I hope you all liked my DIY.

Adios. Take care sweethearts :*

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32 thoughts on “Do It Yourself: How To Make a Studded Leather Clutch

  1. heyyy u gave me an awesome idea…. i too have a plain black clutch….. definitely gonna try this
    super easy *pompom* *pompom*
    will the fabric glue work on leather clutch?

  2. If i had a plain leather clutch i would have done this stud work only coz it looks sooo chic *hifive* *hifive* great work done and it looks ekdum stylish *happy dance* *happy dance*

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