Dramatic Silver and Black Winged Eye Makeup Tutorial

Dramatic Silver and Black Winged Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hello beautiful ladies,

I am going to show you another tutorial on eye makeup. Last time I showed you all how to do a subtle winged eye shadow look and today I am going to show you a dramatic winged eye makeup using silver and black eye shadows.  Have a look at what I am going to show you.


Products Used:

Dramatic Silver and Black Winged Eye Makeup Tutorial 2

Step-by-step instructions on how to achieve the above look:

1. Mark an angle with a white or nude eye pencil to which you want to wing out your eyeliner. This will act as a guideline and let you work with precision. Also, since it is white/nude, you can correct if you feel the angle is incorrect.


2. Prime your eyelids with eye shadow base. I have used NYX eye shadow base in “Pearl”(refer image marked 3).

3. Apply silver grey eye shadow (marked 2 on the palette) all over your eyelid.


4. Now, with a black eye pencil, line your upper lash line following the guideline made in step 1.

5. Smudge out the liner applied in the step above with a matte black eye shadow. (Smudge it inwards, refer image marked 5).

6. Blend the edges of the silver-grey eyeshadow applied on the eyelid with a light brown eye shadow running into the crease (make sure that the eye shadow is close to your skin tone (since my crease and outer corner of the eye is a little dark that than my skin tone, I have used a brown that is close to it).

7. Now, again line your upper lash line with a black eyeliner (pencil, liquid or gel liner). Pull the liner towards the inner corner of your eyes (refer image marked 8).


8. Line your waterline with black Kohl or eye pencil.

9. Highlight your brow bone using a matte highlighter (I have used a matter white eye shadow marked 4 on the palette and blended it well so that it does not look all white).

And you are done 🙂

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  1. typo… I wrote “Matter white eyeshadow” instead of “matte white eye shadow”…. feeling so silly.. *headbang* *headbang* *headbang*

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